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Plenary Programme

The Global Summit in Amsterdam is organised by ACTE and CAPA - Centre for Aviation in partnership with CORTAS; and with the guidance of the ACTE Advisory Board. Get the information, skills, and solutions you need to stay at the forefront of your field.

Wednesday, 26 October, 16:00 - 17:00
Driving Loyalty by Embracing the Art of the Modern Business Relationship
Internal and external customers are central to corporations mission statement, vision and goals. Customer Experience (CEX-)guru Nienke Bloem offers a refreshing perspective that will benefit Corporate Travel Managers and industry suppliers alike. Join her for a humorous and poignant journey that addresses how business relationships are changing; With a cheeky presentation, lively examples and pragmatic tools, she’ll open your eyes on how to make peer, traveller, customer, and other key business relationships with your most important stakeholders work to their fullest potential.

Keynote Speaker:
Nienke Bloem, Customer Experience Guru

Industry Perspective
Jason Geall, Vice President and General Manager UK, American Express Global Business Travel

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Thursday, 27 October, 8:45-10:15am

Aviation Big Picture: Learning from the Past to Foresee the Future - 2025 In View
Get to the heart of today’s complex aviation issues with the expertise and vision that only these industry leaders can provide. These leaders will make sense of key issues that have affected aviation and travel over the past decade and what this means for the next ten years. Their fast-paced discussion brings you the latest issues that you need to be on top of, such as Disintermediation, Airline JVs, Middle East carriers, Legacy Hubs, Open Skies, Bilateral restrictions, LCCs, long haul and short haul, competing for the business market, content availability, and more.

Airline Industry Update & Panel Moderation by:
Peter Harbison, Executive Chairman, CAPA - Centre for Aviation

Executive Speakers:
Pieter Elbers, CEO, KLM
Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive, Qatar Airways

Featured Panelists:
Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive, Qatar Airways
Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive, AirAsia
David Scowsill, President & CEO, WTTC

Industry Perspective
Tobias Ragge, CEO, HRS - Global Hotel Solutions
By its very nature, the travel industry never stands still. Traveler behavior, technological changes and improved data availability and accessibility are shaping and driving all market players. The corporate accommodations sector has traditionally been showing a slower evolutionary pace than the airline industry, but this view is not valid anymore. Customized and personalized traveler experience, new distribution and booking opportunities, the emergence of dynamic pricing models and the expectations of a new generation are pushing the industry forward. This and more will be highlighted in this Big Picture view of the key changes shaping the future of corporate travel as it affects industry buyers and suppliers.

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Thursday, 27 October, 16:00 - 17:00
Are They Listening? Straight Talk on the Gaps Between Current Airline Options and what Corporations & Travellers Really Want

This lively point, counter-point debate brings together a unique dual panel to hash out one of corporate travel managers’ main points of frustration – the often-heard sentiment that suppliers simply don’t ‘get’ what buyers and travellers want. Representatives from all sides come together to address the issues where alignment and open communication have seemed to be insufficient. Hear the issues discussed openly and gain insights into the solutions that may be on their way.

Featured Panelists:

Anthony Drury, Director, Head of Business, easyJet
Karen Hutchings, Global Travel, Meetings & Events Leader, Business Enablement, EY Global Ltd
Ian Heywood, Global Head Product & Marketing, Air Commerce, Travelport

Moderated by:

Giorgio de Roni, former CEO, Go Air

Industry Perspective:
The Age of Personalized Travel Experience

Presented by:
Pramod Jain, VP Marketing & Solution Management, Sabre AirVision

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Friday, 28 October, 9:00-10:00am
Book, Buy, & Pay: Changing the Core of How Business Gets Done
We are in the midst of a smartphone and data-accessibility era that is generating new options and methods to book, buy, and pay for travel. Suppliers are constantly innovating and staying ahead of trends and buyer requests; and improving both security and functionality as technology changes at an unprecedented pace. Experts will share the latest trends, and reveal how virtual payments, online/mobile booking, apps, and more are changing the most fundamental elements of the Corporate Travel industry.
Featured Panelists:
Georgie Farmer, Group Manager, Global Travel, Meetings & Expense,
Microsoft Procurement & ACTE Board of Directors
Huub van Rumund, Procurement Account Manager Business Travel and Lease Cars, Oce Technologies
Patee Sarasin, CEO, NOK Air
Derek Sharp, Senior VP & Managing Director, Air Commerce Group, Travelport
Stefan Stroh, Partner, PwC Strategy&

Moderated by:

Siew Hoon Yeoh, Founder/Managing Director, WebinTravel

Industry Perspective:
Presented by:
Fred Bowen, Managing Director, Global Corporate Solutions Sales and Partner Programs, Sabre

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Friday, 28 October, 12:15 - 13:00
Meeting The 'Brexit' Challenge!

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union threatens significant changes to border control, immigration, non-resident work rules, and regulation governing issues that ultimately determine airfares and impact corporate travellers. Even duty of care is affected. Short term implications, like plunging global markets, reflect the uncertainty and speculation that fill the void of fact.
This international dialogue will be based on the best analytical data available, and provide an industry-wide forum to suggest new paths, new policies, and better solutions to the current tangle of politics and economics. Discover the extent of your “Brexit” exposure, while exploring ways to soften the impact.

Featured Panelists:
Riccardo Boin, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Patrick Byrne, Executive Chairman, Cityjet
Prof Dr Regula Dettling-Ott, VP EU Affairs, Lufthansa
Peter Simpson, Group CEO, Airline Investments Ltd

Moderated by:

Rigas Doganis, Chairman, European Aviation Club

Check back soon for additional Plenary Session details; and explore ACTE's diverse menu of education breakout sessions.