5th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users

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Poster Number Title of Presentation Presenter Name
1 Addressing HIV/HCV Co-Infection among Injecting Drug Users in Jakarta, Indonesia using Peer Driven Intervention Edo Agustian
2 Circumstances around First Drug Injection and Prevalence of HIV, Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) Among Participants of a Needle Exchange Program (NEP) Marianne Alanko Blomé
3 Cause-Specific Mortality among People with a Hepatitis C Notification: A Population-Based Linkage Study, 1993-2012 Maryam Alavi
4 Reduced HCV Recurrent Viremia in PWID with Treatment Induced Virologic Clearance through a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Model Arshia Alimohammadi
5 Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Serological Status among People Who Enter the Opioid Substitution Programme in Greece Olga Anagnostou
6 Incidence and Predictors of Hepatitis C Treatment Initiation among People who Inject Drugs: Longitudinal Data from a Greek Tertiary Center, 2009-2015. Olga Anagnostou
7 Low-Threshold Hepatitis C Treatment for People Who Inject Drug – How to Ensure Compliance and Treatment Success Øystein Backe/Kristin Vennesland
8 Modelling Hepatitis C Virus Transmission in a High-Risk Incarcerated Population Neil Bretana
9 HCV Treatment Initiation among HCV Infected PWID in Capica, A Retrospective Study in Twelve Canadian Clinical Settings Julie Bruneau
10 Heroin Assisted Treatment Setting: Feasibility and Efficacy of Hepatitis C DAA Treatment Nathalie Brunner
11 Hepatitis C Testing in the General Practice Setting for Australians Who Inject Drugs Kerryn Butler
12 Hepatitis C Virus RNA Quantification on Dry Capillary Blood Spot Erika Castro
13 DAA 2nd Generation Treatment Outcome in Substance Users Erika Castro
14 Attitudes towards Hepatitis C and Treatment Willingness among People Who Inject Drugs: A Follow-Up Interview Study Disa Dahlman
15 Stage of Liver Disease in Hepatitis C Patients at a Low-Threshold Hepatitis C Clinic in Oslo Olav Dalgard
16 High Hepatitis C Virus Reinfection Rate after Achieving Sustained Virological Response (Svr) among People who Inject Drugs Actively: Tactic Cohort Lucie Deshaies
17 Trends In Hepatocellular Carcinoma Among People Receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy With an HCV Notification In New South Wales, Australia Between 2000 and 2014 Greg Dore
18 Baseline Characteristics and Recruitment in a Randomised Trial of Community Vs Hospital Direct Acting Antiviral Treatment for Hepatitis C Joseph Doyle
19 Eliminating Hepatitis C Transmission by Enhancing Care and Treatment among HIV Co-Infected Individuals: The Co-EC Study Joseph Doyle
20 Experiences of alcohol use and hepatitis c among people who inject drugs: implications for treatment services. Jane Evely
21 HCV Capacity Building Trainings for Harm Reduction and Peer Workers Jason Farrell
22 High Rates of Sustained Virological Response in People Who Inject Drugs Treated With Sofosbuvir-Based Regimens in Ukraine Sergii Filippovych
23 Intermittent Injecting Drug Use and HCV Incidence in an Observational Cohort Study of People Who Inject Drugs in Montréal, Canada Emmanuel Fortier
24 Scaling Up HCV Treatment, Syringe Services and Medicated-Assisted Treatment for Achieving Rapid HCV Elimination in Rural America – Model Projections For Indiana Hannah Fraser
25 Real World Experience in HCV Awareness, Testing, Care and Knowledge Transfer in La Ronge, Saskatchewan Lesley Gallagher
26 Past Incarceration Experience and the Risk of Hepatitis C Infection among People Who Inject Drugs: Results from a Sero-Behavioral Survey among Current Injectors in Germany Martyna Gassowski
27 Efficacy of Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir With and Without Ribavirin in Patients with Chronic HCV Genotype 1 Infection Receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy: Analysis of Phase 3 ION Trials Jason Grebely
28 Efficacy and Safety of Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy: Analysis of Phase 3 ASTRAL Trials Jason Grebely
29 Efficacy of All-Oral HCV Therapy in People who Inject Drugs Syune Hakobyan
30 Portable Pop-Up Clinics: Characteristics of Engagement in Care, an Observational Prospective Cohort Study Syune Hakobyan
31 Analysis of Adherence to All-Oral HCV Therapy in a Cohort of People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) Syune Hakobyan
32 Direct observed therapy of Chronic Hepatitis C with Interferon-Free All-Oral regimens at a Low-Threshold Drug Treatment facility – A new concept for treatment of patients with Borderline Compliance receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy Hans Haltmayer
33 Peer Support for People Living with Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Increases Hep C Assessment and Knowledge Mary Harrod
34 Ethical Research and Engagement with People Who Use Drugs: Frameworks and Implementation Mary Harrod
35 Geographic Determinants of Hepatitis C Screening in a Mixed Urban/Rural Epidemic Karli Hochstatter
36 Hepatitis C Testing and Undiagnosed Infections among People Injecting Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs in England & Wales: 2012-15. Vivian Hope
37 Factors Associated with Entry into Healthcare Pathways for Hepatitis C among People who Inject Psychoactive Drugs in the United Kingdom (UK) Vivian Hope
38 Estimating the cascade of hepatitis C testing, care and treatment among people who inject drugs in Australia Jenny Iversen
39 Infcare Needle Syringe Program (Infcare NSP), A Database for following and Reducing Injection Risk Behavior Over Time in PWID in Stockholm Martin Kåberg
40 Pre-Testing Knowledge of Hepatitis C Status among 1504 Consecutive Participants at the Stockholm Needle Exchange Martin Kåberg
41 Does Chronic Hepatitis C Cause Fatigue? Knut Boe Kielland
42 Injecting Drug Use Among Inmate in Norwegian Prisons Knut Boe Kielland
43 Aggressive Treatment of Hepatitis C in People Who Inject Drugs in Norway: An Integral Step to Eradicate the Infection in this Population Knut Boe Kielland
44 The Hep-NORDIC project: viral hepatitis C managemnet policies for people who inject drugs in the five Nordic countries Jeffrey Lazarus
45 Modelling the Impact of Interventions Targeting High-Risk Populations on the HCV Epidemic in Pakistan Aaron Lim
46 Impact of HCV Advocacy and Demonstration Treatment Programs Specifically Targeted at PWIDS on National Hepatitis Policy Ludmila Maistat
47 A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Interferon-Free Therapy for Hepatitis C Virus Infection among People Who Inject Drugs: The Liver life Study Alison Marshall
48 Substantial Decline of Hepatitis C Virus Prevalence among PWID in Flanders, Belgium: The Result of a Comprehensive Approach Catharina Matheï
49 Earth Study (Phase 1): Expanding Access to Rapid Treatment for Hep C Dee Menezes
50 Reinfection of Hepatitis C among People Who Inject Drugs in Norway: Opportunity for Intervention-A Modelling Study Havard Midgard
51 Improved Access to HCV Treatment for Substance Users: The Impact of On-Site Transient Elastography in an Inner City Community Health Centre Rozalyn Milne
52 Prospective Data on People Who Use Drugs in Switzerland: The SAMMSU Cohort Alberto Moriggia
53 High Prevalence of Liver Fibrosis among People Attending Addiction Clinics and Rehabilitation Facilities in Southern Switzerland: Results of Two Different Screening Programs for Liver Disease Alberto Moriggia
54 Development and Validation of a Novel Measurement Scale for Interpersonal Factors Underlying Injection Drug Using Behaviors Meghan Morris
55 Dried Blood Spot, Valid Screening Method for Viral Hepatitis and HIV in Real-Life Belinda Klemmensen Mössner
56 Low Levels of HCV Awareness and Risk Among Groups Most at Risk  in Vietnam Huong Ngo
57 Concordance between Self-Reported and Measured HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Infection Status among People Who Inject Drugs in Germany Stine Nielsen
58 Are  There Missed Opportunities for Vaccinating Against Hepatitis B among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in the United Kingdom (UK)? Jacquelyn Njoroge
59 Dot-C: A Pilot Trial of Directly Observed Anti HCV Therapy in a Population Receiving Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST) from a Pharmacy - Uptake of Testing Results Andrew Radley
60 Adherence to Hepatitis C Treatment Regimen among People Who Inject Drugs in Norway: Implications for Treatment Strategies Devin-Razavi Shearer
61 Compass Project, Inside and Outside Link for Prisoners and PWID with Hepatitis C in France Andre Jean Remy
62 Global Genotype Distribution of Hepatitis C Viral Infection among People who Inject Drugs Geert Robaeys
63 Hepatitis C Treatment on PWUD in the DAA’S Era: High Rate of Virological Response in the Real Life Antonella Robatto
64 Trends of Hepatitis C Virus Epidemic in Australia and North America in 20th Century: Back Projections from Molecular Epidemiology Chaturaka Rodrigo
65 Drug Market Variations and Drug Use Practices among People Who Inject Drugs in the Province of Québec, Canada Élise Roy
66 Hepatitis C and Risk Behavior among Persons Who Inject Drugs in Norway Rikard Rykkvin
67 The Efficacy of Psychosocial Interventions to Reduce Sexual and Drug Blood Borne Virus Risk Behaviours among People Who Inject Drugs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Davina Swan
68 Training Drug Users in Overdose Reversal with Intranasal Naloxone – A New Approach to Address Opioid Overdoses and other General Health Problems Henrik Thiesen
69 The Effects of Alcohol on Spontaneous Clearance of Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Females versus Males Who Inject Drugs Judith Tsui
70 Feasibility and Efficacy of Sofosbuvir-Based Regimens for Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection in a Low Threshold Setting Kjersti Ulstein
71 Prevalence and Determinants of Liver Disease among People who use Drugs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Daniela van Santen
72 From the Users' Perspective - An interview Study with Peoplw who Inject Drugs on the Usefulness of Participating in a Needle Syrimge Program Malin Varma Falk
73 Impact of Current and Scaled Up Levels of Needle and Syringe Programmes and Opiate Substitution Therapy in Three UK Settings Zoe Ward
74 C-Buddies: Missing Piece of the Puzzle in a Comprehensive “Not Under One Roof“. Approach for Hepatitis C Management Among People Who Use Drugs . Tessa Windelinckx
75 Integrating a Hepatitis C Peer Support Worker in a Public Drug Treatment Clinic Vicci Goodwin