National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence
Last First Presentation Title
Alderman Christopher MicroRNA-15a Inhibits the Growth and Invasiveness
Attiea Bashir Differential Effects of Sildenafil and Tadalafilon Human Penile Smooth Muscle Cells: New Insights for Old Mechanisms
Avasthi Prachee Avasthi Notebook to Publication
Axtell Bob RNA-sequencing identifies novel differentially expressed coding and non-coding transcripts in multiple sclerosis
Beck L. Tony Pre-K to Grade 12 (P-12) Diversity Pipeline -Funding Opportunities for INBRE and COBRE
D’Souza Malcolm J. A little liberal-arts College that could....DE-INBRE (IDeA) stimulates transformational change!
Emery Ann K. Getting the Word Out: Communicating Evaluation Results to Diverse Audiences
Frazier Donald Successful Grant Writing –A Process
Gall Bryan From association to function: GPSM3polymorphisms in rheumatoid arthritis
Giersch Rich Pathways to Translate Discoveries to Products
Grzech Kathy Doyle Writing a High-Impact NIHSpecific Aims PageNational
Grzech Kathy Doyle Navigating the NIH Resubmission Process: Strategies for Success
Hall Witt Enhancing Research via Telemedicine and Communications
Hannafon Bethany Exosome-Mediated Transfer of Metastasis Associated Protein 1 (MTA1) In Breast Cancer
Held Suzanne Improving chronic illness management with the Apsáalooke Nation: The Baa nnilah project
Hunter Tim Best Practices in Core Facilities: Sustaining Crucial Resources
Jarvis Donald L. SBIR/STTR Grants: A Mechanism Supporting Translation of Basic Research for Commercial Applications
Lantz Benjamin The effects of pH and salt conditions on protein structure and stability using high-throughput methods
Larkin Jennie Responsible Data SharingAccelerating Biomedical Research Excellence
Lorsch Jon Updates and IDeAsfrom NIGMS
Man Dula Gene Editing of Sickle Cell Disease Hemoglobin βGene (HBB) in CD34+ Cells
McGee Rick Coaching to augment mentoring:Theory, approaches, tools &Resources through the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN)
Olfert Mark Team science approach help to identify how fruit & vegetables consumption improves metabolic health (FRUVEDomics Study)
Paul Ian A. Mentoring for an Evolving Academic Career
Pawar Snehalata Identification of C/EBPδ-targets Involved in Regulation of Radiation-induced Oxidative Stress Utilizing a Proteomics Approach
Pfund Christine Mentoring Practices for Junior Faculty
Rankin Gary Facilitating IDeA Program Interactions
Rankin Gary The WV-INBRE –HSTA Experience
Schlauch Karen Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated With Obesity in Metabolically Healthy Obese Nevadans
Sens Don Research Training of Undergraduates, K-12 Students and Teachers
Simpkins James W. I need mentoring too!
Somers Scott “Alternative” Career Opportunities in Science – Thoughts from an NIH Perspective
Staiano Amanda Subclinical Anxiety and Depression
Stanhope Steven J. Be Entrepreneurial: Repurpose Your INBRE Framework for Consortia Awards
Williams Phil H. Machine Learning for Bioinformatics
Wu Cathy H. Social Network Analysis (SNA): Tracking and Reporting, A New Tool