2015 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning


National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
2015 Tracks
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Planned Gift Specialists
: this track is for attendees who manage relationships with traditional planned gift prospects. These planners may also serve as coaches or trainers for fundraisers in other development departments.
  • Black Belt Gift Planning: Ten Stages to Becoming a Master (Alexandra Pia Brovey)
  • Donor-Centered Philanthropic Solutions for Retiring Farmers and Ranchers (Johni Hays)
  • Don't Discard This Prospect--Successful CRUT in 60 Days (Judi Cantor)
  • Gift Planning in a Capital Campaign - Lessons Learned at Penn (Lynn Ierardi)
  • My 5 Favorite Business Gifts in the Past 25 Years (Gregory Baker)
  • Gifts of Real Estate and Business interests: A View from Both Sides of the Fence (Michael King & Matt Lawson)
Major and Blended Gifts
Gifts get bigger and better when major gift fundraisers look beyond the next ask to see the donor's goals. The six sessions in this track analyze challenges and opportunities for a loyal major gift donor who wants to do more for the organization he loves. He has family issues, complicated assets, competing advisors and no real idea how his goals mesh with the organization's plans. Each session digs deeper into the case, as a group of experienced major and planned gift specialists lead attendees through a discovery process that yields several options for transformational blended giving.   
  • Session 1: The Case
  • Session 2: Listening for Clues
  • Session 3: Assets
  • Session 4: Vehicles
  • Session 5: Obstacles
  • Session 6: The Plan
The faculty: 
  • Elizabeth Ayers, Director of Gift Planning, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Pamela Davidson, Charitable Gift Planner and Consultant, Davidson Gift Design
  • Kate Frew, Director of Planned Giving, American Friends Service Committee
  • Chris Kelly, Vice President, PNC Institutional Asset Management
  • Katy Herbert Kotlarczyk, Director, Gift Planning and Leadership Giving, University of Colorado
  • Anne Melvin, Director of Training and Education, Harvard University

Professional Development for Advisors
: this track allows advisors to present technical information and skills coaching to their peers, with the goal of integrating philanthropic planning into estate and financial planning practices.
  • Gift from Cousin Eddie: Acceptance, Ownership & Management of Bizarre Assets (Michael Bourland)
  • Intentional Engagement - Counseling Clients About Bequest Disclosure (Ben Stahmann)
  • Personalized Philanthropy Across the Disciplines: Planning for High Capacity Clients and Donors (Phil Cubeta, Steven Meyers, Tim Belber)
  • Philanthropic Planning Paralysis: Getting Donors to Act (Justin Miller)
  • Stupid Charitable Tricks: Planning Mistakes I Have Seen (Ramsay Slugg)
Marketing Masters
: this track features nonprofit gift planners who have taken innovative approaches to sharing the case for planned gifts to their organizations. Sessions discuss platforms (social media, direct mail, video storytelling, etc.) and message development. The track may also include marketing experts from other fields or disciplines.
  • Bequests: Who Wants To Make Them & How To Get Them (Jeffrey Lydenberg)
  • Game, Set, Match! Creating a Legacy Challenge (William Samers & Shira Hudson) 
  • Real Estate: The Next Theme Park or Substantial Gift? (Ashley Buderus)
  • All You Need For Planned Giving You Learned in Kindergarten (Meryl Cosentino)
  • The 7 Pillars of a Major Gift Program (Richard Perry)
Executive Briefing
: this track provides current information on trends, demographics, legislative developments and other issues or events that affect philanthropic planning and the goals and performance of fundraisers.
  • Advocacy Update (Perry Wasserman)
  • Best Practices for Gift Planner Metrics (Joe Bull)
  • Building Lasting Legacies II: Engage Planned Donors through Legacy Societies (Una Osili & Claudine Donikian)
  • Counting Bequest Expectancies? Make Sure You Count on This... (Jeff Comfort & Scott Lumpkin)
  • Gift Acceptance Policies in Action (Timothy Prosser)
The Summit
: this track honors the careers and professional perspective of the gift planning community’s most experienced thought leaders. André Donikian, founder of Pentera and mentor to many successful planners will develop this year's program, featuring experts and topics that he considers to be essential for advanced planners.
  • "CRAT, CLAT, or GRAT, What Dat?!?" (Don Kent)
  • International Grantmaking and Fundraising (Jane Peebles)
  • What Are We Doing: The Professionals Share Their Own Giftplans (Bruce Bigelow & Carol Kolmerton, with panelists Emil Kallina, Roger Ellison and Phil Purcell)
  • Where do Gift Planners Come From? (Ron Brown)