2015 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning

2015 NCPP Sponsor & Exhibitor Information
The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning is the place to meet and mingle with hundreds of top professionals pursuing charitable planning education and achievement. As you know, face-to-face marketing is your most effective customer relationship-building technique. And the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning offers you the best opportunity to meet and greet hundreds of charitable gift planners and donor advisors. The exhibit hall is valued as a place to make connections with fellow attendees and people like you, who can help charitable gift planners work smarter.

Deborah Kallina talks about 
Exhibiting at NCPP.

"this was actually the first place 
we started marketing because... we 
knew the quality of speakers, and 
we knew the quality of the attendees"

 Did You Know?

An Oxford Economics report highlights the value of face-to-face meetings, stating:

  • Business travelers report that they are nearly twice as likely to convert prospects into customers with an in-person meeting than without one.
  • 42% of executives state that they would lose their customers without face-to-face meetings.

Meet your prospective and current clients face-to-face at NCPP!

New This Year!
The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning offers several new opportunities this year:
Registration Sponsorship: Sponsor registration and you can have your company logo on the registration page along with signage at the registration table, and the opportunity to greet everyone as they enter NCPP 2015!

IGNITE! Sponsorship: IGNITE! was one of our most popular events at last years conference. If you sponsor IGNITE! your company will have the chance to open and close for the event. You will also have your logo featured on the screen before and after the event. To make sure your company will also get to enjoy this event, they will also be given a reserved table in the front of the room. 

Mobile App push notifications (limited availability): Notify mobile app users of a promotion or brief update sent directly to their device's home screen even when the NCPP app is closed. (Includes text with link). 

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