2015 NZ HIV Clinical Update Meeting
Please be aware only presentations from those presenters who gave their permission are available below. 

Fran Wilde, Greater Wellington Regional Council Reflections, Policy and Social Change Video Presentation
Associate Professor Nigel Dickson, University of Otago Update on HIV Epidemiology in New Zealand Video Presentation
Associate Professor Mark Thomas, University of Auckland Changes in clinical care of people living with HIV Video Presentation
Dr Peter Saxton, University of Auckland Changes in behaviours over 30 years Video Presentation
Tony Hughes, New Zealand AIDS Foundation The strategic response to HIV in NZ Video Presentation
Dr Valerie Delpech, Public Health England HIV prevention and treatment Video Presentation
Mark Fisher, Body Positive Priorities for HIV positive men Video Presentation
Jane Bruning, Positive Women Priorities for Women living with HIV Video Presentation
Marama Pala, INA Update on Maori and South Pacific Needs Video Presentation
Joe Rich, New Zealand AIDS Foundation HIV prevention among gay and bisexual men Video Presentation
Fungai Mhlanga, Massey University Issues affecting Africans living in New Zealand Video Presentation
Alison Green, Te Puawai Tapu Three decades of HIV prevention in Māori communities
Catherine Healy, New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective Sex Workers Striding Forward: Strategies for HIV Video Presentation
Dr Valerie Delpech, Publich Health England Improving the utility of surveillance Video Presentation
Dr Nicky Perkins, Auckland District Health Board Surveillance and epidemiology of other sexually transmitted infections Video Presentation
Dr Nigel Raymond, Wellington Hospital Improving surveillance to assess the cascade of HIV care in the Wellington region Video Presentation
Dr Chris Hopkins, Auckland Hospital Potential impact of Routinely Offering HIV testing at Auckland DHB