Neuro Rehabilitation Conference


H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan

Opening speech:

Dr. Wasti, Members of the Organizing and Scientific Committees, Distinguished Faculty and Guests, Conference Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is my distinct pleasure to address this important Neuro Rehabilitation Conference today.  I am delighted to see so many medical professionals gathered here intent on acquiring knowledge.  I especially welcome those of you who are visiting Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.  Your participation highlights the importance of international exchange and cooperation in promoting medical education and research.  By working together across international boundaries, you represent a powerful force for peace and understanding in the world.

Your presence here today is also a reflection of the growing stature of Abu Dhabi as a capital city of a nation determined to be a global crossroads featuring the best healthcare in the region and the world.  The UAE recognizes the critical influence of health on the well-being and prosperity of its people.  Our country also realizes the necessity for continuing education in the demanding and ever-developing medical field.  Your specialties are, of course, among the most complex in the medical profession because they require both highly technical skills and a deeply sympathetic understanding of the restoration process.  I salute your dedication to learning, your respect for knowledge, and your compassionate spirit.

When the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan united the Emirates just forty-three years ago, he set a theme reflected in the actions of our country’s leaders today.  “A true leader” said Sheikh Zayed, “…thinks of his people as members of his own family.  He cares for them and looks after them at all times.”  Rarely is such solicitude more pertinent than it is in the field of Neuro Rehabilitation.  The patients whom you treat did not choose their neurological malfunction.  They are by and large simply victims of the human condition.  The depressing statistics compiled by the World Health Organization establish that our world is home to far more patients and potential patients than you could ever treat.  The scores and scores of neurological disorders that afflict human beings challenge true leaders everywhere.

The development of a first-class healthcare system in the UAE has been a primary objective of His Highness the President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahayan.  Under His Highness’s leadership, and with the strong guidance and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahayan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates has developed one of the fastest growing health care systems in the world.  With Sheikh Khalifa’s guidance, we have set world standards of quality for our hospitals and clinics.  Cutting edge medical research and connections to the latest medical advances in the world are essential mechanisms, in the development of the country’s healthcare system.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Your conference signals the need for all segments of society to work together to improve the general health of the population and reduce the number of patients needing treatment.  At least in regard to the prevention of strokes, we must work hard to influence changes in the lifestyle of the people living and working in the UAE.  We all must adopt more healthy diets.  We must stop smoking.  We must dramatically increase our physical activity.  I acknowledge that such changes will not occur overnight.  But I hope that those of you who deal with the consequences of our unhealthy habits will appreciate any movement toward a better style of living.

Nonetheless, no matter how much progress we make toward healthier lives, you will still have your hands full. After all, you are dealing with the human condition.  In the never-ending struggle, you know, perhaps better than anyone else, that you always need better diagnoses, better treatments, and better techniques.  Thus, there is always something new for you to learn.

We, members of the general public, admire and appreciate your dedication to life-long learning, your belief in continuous improvement, your insistence on competence, and your application of a tireless work ethic.  We salute your energy and dedication.  We treasure your efforts.  The world stands in awe of your aspirations and accomplishments.  It hopes against hope that you will restore its original condition.  We are grateful for your steadfast resolve to treat us in the most knowledgeable way possible.

I do not want to keep you from your noble work any longer.  I simply want to say that your work in the Neuro Rehabilitation field offers great hope for millions of patients around the world.  The potential of your work will be enormously enhanced by the education of the general public, by appropriate training of physicians, by disseminating the latest research findings, by promoting prevention strategies, and by cooperation among countries and institutions.

Best wishes for a rich learning experience and a wholly successful conference.  I am pleased to be a part of it.

Thank you.


There will be 300 rehabilitation professionals and delegates from the world of neurology. Network and do business across an exhibition packed with value-added show floor features, benefiting from workshops, seminars and a dedicated networking area.


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There will be 300 rehabilitation professionals from the world of neurology. Network and do business across an exhibition packed with value-added show floor features, benefiting from workshops, seminars and a dedicated networking area.


    • Rehabilitation medicine specialists
    • Neurologists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Occupational therapists
    • Rehabilitation nurses
    • General practitioners specialising in neurology
    • Speech and language therapists
    • Rehabilitation/academic researchers
    • Biomechanists
    • Clinical rehabilitation specialists
    • Medical Students/Residents interested in Rehabilitation