We know that you need to justify everything you do in today’s economy – including spending time and money to attend Fire-Rescue Canada. Follow these step-by-step instructions to demonstrate the positive ROI for your department that will result from attending Fire-Rescue Canada to gain approval to attend:

Step 1

Review the Fire-Rescue Canada program and determine which sessions you plan to attend. Choose those that will most benefit you, your team, and your organization. Each of the sessions gives you learner outcomes.

Step 2

Review the list of attendees for Fire-Rescue Canada - do you feel that you might learn something by sharing ideas and best practices with fire service leaders that are attending?  

Step 3

Complete the Request Letter Template below and submit to your management. This letter will allow you to demonstrate why you should attend Fire-Rescue Canada. 

To:  Supervisor/Manager or Board, etc.

For Chiefs
From experienced high level thought leader sessions and applying lessons learned through industry-specific challenges & opportunities.  Fire-Rescue Canada offers many ways for attendees to engage with others in the Canadian fire service and provides the best in leadership education.

I plan to achieve the following three objectives:

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

I plan to attend the following specific sessions to achieve my objectives, gain education and tools to bring back and implement within our organization and network with other attendees:  List sessions you plan to attend as well as learner objectives, and indicate how they will benefit you/your organization.

According to the attendee list, the following people are planning to attend that I think can help our organization (list planners and/or suppliers - and their organizations - with whom you plan to connect and how they will benefit you/your organization):

I look forward to bringing my key takeaways back to implement and share with our team to improve efficiency and productivity and to positively impact our “bottom line”!  Please review the Cost/Benefit Worksheet (attached) to see the value my attendance will bring to the organization in hard dollars.


Your Name



  • The registration fee includes evening receptions (dinner), breakfasts, refreshment breaks and luncheons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – therefore out of pocket costs for meals will be minimal to attend the Fire-Rescue Canada.        Registration fee is $______
  • CAFC has offered airfare discounts to registrants of the Fire-Rescue Canada.  I have found airfare for $_____


  • CAFC has offered discounted hotel rooms.  Rates range between $199-$299 per night (plus applicable taxes,) – the total for my hotel stay, including current tax is ______per night for a total of 3 nights or $______.  By booking within the CAFC Official hotel block, I will save an additional $100 on my registration fee.



  • List key “takeaways” anticipated from any/all sessions you plan to attend, based on the session descriptions and learner objectives.  Once you have listed takeaways that you can implement in your job, with your team, for your organization, estimate the dollar value that implementation will gain and/or save for your organization.
  • List key planner and supplier contacts with whom you plan to meet face-to-face, network, discuss best practices or potential business, and estimate the dollar value that these interactions will gain and/or save for your organization. 


At the completion of Fire-Rescue Canada 2015, take some time to review your original objectives.  Develop an analysis of whether you were able to fulfill your original objectives and assess how you will be able to apply what you learned in order to either provide cost savings to your organization, offer innovative ideas to increase revenue generation, and/or obtain tools to increase your team’s work efficiency, and the cost savings that would result. 


Demonstrating the ROI from Fire-Rescue Canada will not only provide value to your company’s bottom line but will also “ease the way” to approval to attend future CAFC Fire-Rescue Canada and other CAFC meetings and events.