Last Updated: October 18, 2021



Important Dates


May 30 Abstract Submission Deadline
Mid July Abstract Status Notification
July 30
SIU 2021 Registration Deadline for Presenting Authors
Abstract Modification and Withdrawal Deadline
Sept 24 Late-Breaking Abstract Deadline
Oct 15
Late-Breaking Abstract Notification
ePoster Upload Deadline (excludes Late-Breaking Abstracts)
Oct 27 ePoster Upload Deadline (for Late-Breaking Abstracts only)
Nov 10-14 SIU 2021


*All deadlines (with the exception of the ePoster Upload Deadlines) are 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and are subject to change.



Presentation Types


SIU 2021 abstract presentation types are in-person and pre-recorded (MP/MVP/RF) or pre-recorded only (UP, UVP, SP). There are no virtual presentations.


Please see the table below for a complete profile of what each presentation type entails.



ePoster Viewing Station On-Site

In-Person Presentation

Publication on the

SIU Academy

Publication on the

SIU Journal (SIUJ)

Unmoderated ePoster (UP)





Moderated ePoster (MP)





Unmoderated Video ePoster (UVP)





Moderated Video ePoster (MVP)





Residents' Forum (RF)





Late Breaking Abstracts (LBA)





SANTU-Only Abstracts (SP)






* In-person presentation at the Plenary or processed as an Unmoderated ePoster without SIUJ publication.
** Presented as Moderated in the SANTU session or processed as an Unmoderated ePoster, both without SIUJ publication.


Viewing Station


All ePosters include pre-recorded audio (3 minutes for non-video and 7 minutes for video ePosters) and are available for viewing on-site during the following hours:


  • November 11, 1400–1700

  • November 12, 1000–1630

  • November 13, 1000–1630

  • November 14, 1000–1430


In-Person Presentation


Moderated and Residents’ Forum ePosters are presented during the Moderated Topic Session. Presenting Authors are to prepare for 3 minutes of presentation which will then be followed by 2 minutes of Q&A by moderators and attendees on-site. There may be slight modifications on the day of the event, with respect to time allocation, depending on the number of abstracts presented during the session and the discretion of the moderators. Please see “All PAs attending SIU 2021 on-site” section below for additional information.


The Best ePosters are selected by the moderators and a certificate is provided post-Congress.


Submitters who submitted their Speaker Permits and have an accepted Late Breaking Abstract will be contacted via email with detailed instructions on their Plenary presentation.


SIU Academy Publication


SIU’s online e-Learning platform, with the Presenting Author’s (PA) consent, will publish all accepted ePosters from SIU 2021 prior to Congress. Please click here to view accepted abstracts from SIU 2021.


SIU Journal Publication


All SIU accepted abstracts (excluding that of LBAs) will be published in the November edition of SIUJ as a supplement. Please note that as per SIU Abstract Submission Guidelines, any abstract revisions (including withdrawals, author changes or revisions) received after July 30, 2021 may not be reflected. To learn more about the SIUJ please click here.


SANTU Acceptances


An abstract can be accepted by the SIU and by SANTU. Acceptance to SANTU does not replace the abstract status at SIU 2021 Congress. In the event that the abstract was accepted by the SIU as well as SANTU, the abstract will be presented twice: in the SANTU and the SIU programme.


SANTU presentation types include Moderated and Unmoderated ePoster presentation, both without SIUJ publication. Moderated includes 2 minutes of highlights, plus 1 minute Q&A, using the same ePoster submitted for SIU 2021 via MultiLearning’s portal. No slides are permitted.


Those that have been selected by SANTU have been notified by email. If an abstract is accepted by SANTU only (and not by the SIU) it has been assigned a reference number beginning with SP.





SIU 2021 has two types of registration: virtual and in-person attendance.

Virtual attendance will grant access to the platform but does not have any live-interaction capabilities.


To qualify for …

The PA must register for …


In-Person Presentation

In-person attendance with speaker permit documents submitted to the SIU

The abstract(s) will be altered to an Unmoderated ePoster.

SIU 2021 Programming

Virtual attendance

The abstract(s) will be excluded from the programme.

Speaker Permit


The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing Board requires that all faculty have a Speaker Permit to speak/present during the Congress. All Presenting Author’s (PA) who require a Permit have been contacted by email with additional instructions.


All PAs attending SIU 2021 on-site, please consult:

  • Scientific Programme to see the most up-to-date information concerning your presentation date and time.
    • Abstract sessions begin on Friday and are indicated in light green colour. Please be sure to consult this webpage as modifications may occur between now and Congress. 
    • Your Speaker Permit will be issued in the Speaker Preview Room on-site. They are not required for travel. 
    • Your ePoster, submitted via the ML platform, will be used. Additional resources (e.g. PowerPoint slides) are not necessary nor will be accepted.
  • General Information which also includes vital information pertaining to visa and travel.
    • Visa applications are the speakers’ responsibility and refunds will not be given to participants who were unable to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry.


We would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you that should you have not yet uploaded your ePoster, the deadline to do so was October 15. MultiLearning will still allow you to upload it so we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, otherwise the ePoster may not be part of the SIU 2021 programming. Any ePoster tech related queries can be addressed by writing to directly.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions concerning abstracts after consulting the Next Steps and ePosters webpage.




Please consult the ePoster instruction webpage here.





Abstract Withdrawal

Please submit abstract withdrawal requests in writing via email to the Scientific Programme Office by July 30, 2021 with the submission ID number(s).

Change of Presenting Author

Please submit requests via email to the Scientific Programme Office by July 30, 2021 with the submission ID number(s) and the following information pertaining to the new Presenting Author.

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Affiliation
  • Signed COI form


Changes may not be reflected online and on any printed materials if the notice is received after the deadline.

Please notify the Scientific Programme Office as soon as possible if there are any changes to the Presenting Author’s disclosure contents. Please ensure to include the applicable submission ID number(s) to the request and consult the Sample COI Disclosure Form webpage for additional information.



Although the SIU Scientific Programme strives to be as flexible as possible, strict deadlines must be abided by in lieu of Congress timelines. Deadlines such as processing Speaker Permits are regulations mandated by the UAE government and cannot be extended. We count on all parties’ understanding and cooperation.




Certificate of Acceptance (CoA): Please send an email to the Scientific Programme Office with your submission ID number(s). Your request will be processed within 7 business days.


Certificate of Presentation (CoP): These are processed post-Congress, upon request.




Copyright of submitted material will be transferred to Société Internationale d’Urologie upon acceptance for publication on SIU Academy. Should the author wish to reuse the submission at later events/publications, permission should be requested for publication with the following statement: “This abstract was presented at the 41st Congress of the Société Internationale d’Urologie (Dubai, 2021). All rights reserved. Reused with permission.”



External References






ePoster Technicalities



MultiLearning Support

SIU Scientific Programme Office

SIU Congress

For faster processing, please include the abstract title and identifier (reference number or ID#).

Please include the email address and registration number (if applicable)