Each submission is evaluated based on the following:

Relevance and Practitioner Value
  • Consider how relevant and important the topic is in supply chain right now and in the future. 
  • What is the impact of this session and its significance to common practices? 
  • Will attendees be able to take the content back to their job and apply what they have learned?
  • Does the content have value for their companies; is this session broadly transferable
  • Will the practitioner community see the value in this session and be excited to attend?
  • Will the attendees be able to relate to the content and improve their knowledge? 

Content Clarity
  • How well executed is the session’s description—is it clear and concise without having to guess what the intentions are? 
  • Does the session supply key takeaways?
  • Does the session content provide clear objectives and why the topic is important?

Supporting Speakers
  • Are the customers/speakers proposed attractive to the topic? 
  • Are the speakers from companies that attendees can relate to?
  • Are there any speakers listed at all? 
  • Is there a customer presenting with a service provider/consultant?

Overt Selling
  • How much does this session appear to be geared towards the selling of a certain product or service? 
  • Is this session just a promotion? 
  • Is this session an unbiased view with a case to prove the product/service is effective to the greater supply chain community?