SAIGE 15th Annual National Training Program 

Sovereignty, Trust & Resilience
For Speakers

Sue Morris & LaDonna Harris

Welcome to "Sovereignty, Trust and Resilience"
15th Annual SAIGE National Training Program

To register as a Speaker, use the password sent to you in your Confirmation Letter.
No ID Code is necessary.

It is important for you to register on this site so your credentials will  be ready 
when you arrive, as well as for our tracking purposes. 
There will be a designated location for Speakers in the Pre-Registered area
for you to
 check in and pick up your credentials. 

If you do not register here online prior to May 25, you will have to register on site. 
This could mean extensive waiting, so please register in advance for your own convenience.
 We anticipate that your time spent with us will be most enjoyable.
We are proud to have you as a speaker at the SAIGE 15th 
Annual National Training Program and look forward to seeing you.

Thank you!

If you have questions, contact Speaker Coordinator Sade Ali