RI London 2020

Announcing the Responsible Investor Digital Festival: Summer 2020 (RI DigiFest), June 15-19

One week of keynote addresses, high-level plenaries, live Q&As and thematic breakouts, delivered via a unique digital festival.
We’re aiming to create the biggest on-line digital responsible investment festival ever!

Click here to go to the RI DigiFest website.

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, now, more than ever, investors and companies need to come together to articulate the why, what and how of a sustainable finance future. The Responsible Investor Digital Festival: Summer 2020 - RI DigiFest for short - is our digital response to that need for leadership. It is time to show that responsible investment is the answer to our long-term financial and societal challenges: we believe that an on-line ESG festival of ideas and action is the way to do that.