FT-ODX (Outstanding Directors Exchange) Palo Alto

Who attends FT-ODX?

FT-ODX is a conference for directors only.

Hear Firsthand from Outstanding Director Chris Lynch about the FT-ODX Experience

FT-ODX interview with Chris Lynch

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What Companies Participate in FT-ODX?             Who's at a Typical FT-ODX Conference?

Fortune'List  % at FT-ODX                        %'of'Attendees Company size
Fortune 100 82%   19% >$25 Billion in Annual Sales
Fortune 250 66%   15% $10 Billion to $25 Billion
Fortune 500 57%   48% $1 Billion to $10 Billion
Fortune 1000 44%   17% <$1 Billion
                                  1% N/A

Attendance is limited to sitting board directors of publicly traded companies who are eager to learn about best practices in the boardroom. There is a cost to attend this event. Recommended fields of study include: management, economics and finance.

Program Level: Advanced

Learning Objectives:
Leading corporate board members will share their views on major corporate governance opportunities and challenges. Conference attendees will take away new strategies for enterprise risk management, strategic oversight, setting executive compensation, effective financial oversight, and long-term succession planning. They will also gain insights on current trends in the global economy, key emerging markets and the regulatory landscape. In addition to these top-level director responsibilities, attendees have several options for participating in in-depth discussions on matters related to board committee responsibilities including audit, compensation and nominating/governance.

Please note that there is a qualification process to attend FT-ODX. You will need to be a director of a publicly traded company.

Who attends the FT and CKGSB Executive Education Session?

Hosted by the Financial Times and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, this morning session is open to both directors of publicly traded companies and their C-suite executives. 

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please contact Melissa Papasidero at Melissa.Papasidero@ft.com or +1 917-551-5106.