FT-ODX (Outstanding Directors Exchange) Palo Alto


  William J. Flynn
CEO, Atlas Air Worldwide
Director: Republic Services
An admired leader on the Republic Services board, Bill Flynn has helped unify the post-merger board, overhauled executive compensation, expanded oversight of talent development, and promoted strategic business expansion. Profile

  Franklin W. Hobbs
Former CEO, Houlihan Lokey and Dillon Read
Chairman: Ally Financial
Director: Lord Abbett, Molson Coors
In his role as non-executive chairman of Ally Financial, Fritz Hobbs has overseen the survival and turnaround of the fi nancial services giant formerly known as GMAC, drawing on tremendous creativity, grace, and grit to get the job done. Profile 

  Lawrence W. Kellner
Retired Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines
Chairman: Sabre Holdings
Director: Boeing, Chubb, Marriott International
As lead director at Marriott International, Larry Kellner has played a vital behind-the-scenes role in a stellar transition to the company’s fi rst non-family chief executive. Profile

  Edward E. Lucente
Retired Chairman and CEO, QMS
Retired Director: ModusLink Global Solutions
While serving as an independent director at ModusLink, Ed Lucente stepped up to run the company in a leadership vacuum, successfully steering operations, restoring staff and customer confi dence, and recruiting a new CEO. Profile

  Joyce M. Roché
Retired CEO, Girls, Inc.
Director: AT&T, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Macy’s, Tupperware Brands
A prized director on all of her boards, Joyce Roché’s domain expertise and personal commitment have helped fuel Tupperware’s development of motivational pay programs, diverse global talent and a tremendous growth trajectory. Profile


Christopher S. Lynch
Chris Lynch has played a pivotal role in the historic recovery of AIG, where he chairs the audit committee, and of Freddie Mac, where he chaired the audit committee before assuming the role of non-executive chairman Profile
Lloyd M. Segal
After successfully helping to resolve bitter proxy battles at Canada's Biovail, Lloyd Segal helped steer it through complicated cross-border merger to create Valeant Pharmaceuticals, to the benefit of all stakeholders. Profile
Lydia W. Thomas
At Cabot Corp., Lydia Thomas pioneered the annual sustainability report - now an industry model - and has guided the company's world-leading safety, health, environment and risk efforts. Profile
Anthony J. Topazi
Anthony Topazi master-minded Hancock Holdings' strategic acquisition of Whitney National Bank, which has more than doubled Hancock's size and created a southern banking powerhouse. Profile
Jeffrey N. Watanabe
As chairman of Hawaiian Electric Industries, Jeff Watanabe engineered transformative changes in board structure, executive teams and governance practices, resulting in record performance and strong progress toward a lofty renewable energy commitment. Profile


W. Frank Blount As lead director since KBR's spin-off from Halliburton, Blount has helped stabilize the company by resolving critical business, legal and leadership issues. Bio

David W. Dorman - As Chairman, Dorman led Motorola through a successful break up, safeguarding shareholder value despite tremendous economic, strategic and governance obstacles. Bio

Donald L. LucasIn addition to setting the standard for financial integrity at Oracle for nearly two decades, Lucas has inspired directors and management at the many other Silicon Valley companies where he has served on the board. Bio

Laban P. Jackson, Jr. - Jackson has taken the role of audit chair to new heights at JPMorgan Chase, establishing relationships with key regulators worldwide and successfully navigating the financial crises' many challenges. Bio

James V. Napier - Napier's keen strategic insights and thought leadership have guided a stellar business transformation at Wabtec, where he has also helped to instill a strong pay-for-performance culture. Bio


William F. Andrews - For guiding Corrections Corporation of America back from the brink of bankruptcy and mentoring a new CEO through financial re-engineering and major operational improvements. Bio

Glen A. Barton - For being the catalyst for strategic refocusing at Newmont Mining,guiding a board restructuring,compensation overhaul and leadership transition. Bio

Jenne K. Britell, PHD - For uniting and revitalizing the United Rentals board behind a new CEO and corporate strategy, positioning the organization to thrive in the wake of a failed private equity buyout.Bio

Michael R. Eisenson - For leadership in the Penske Automotive Group boardroom, initially as a private equity director and now as an invaluable audit chair, financial counselor and independent voice for investors. Bio

Jerry Greenwald - For being a guiding force throughout Aetna's financial and strategic turnaround, providing counsel on investments in new capabilities, products and growth markets in the healthcare industry. Bio

Bonnie G. Hill - For decisive action in the face of Home Depot stockholder outrage, directly and openly working with investors, transforming the board and inspiring shareholder-friendly governance. Bio


Dennis H. Chookaszian - For continually pushing CME Group ahead of the curve on complex audit, risk and financial issues, which are critical to its highly transparent business. Bio

Isaiah Harris, Jr. - For driving a redefinition of Cigna's culture by championing new executive compensation that is truly tied to performance. Bio

Robert L. Joss - For vigilant leadership as credit committee chairman at Wells Fargo, where he pushed the bank toward credit quality even when contrary to market trends. Bio

John W. Rogers, Jr. - For his invaluable guidance, investor insights, management mentoring and an unflagging commitment to diversity. Bio

Philip G. Satre - For his imprint on strategic planning and a complete governance overhaul as NV Energy's first non-executive chairman. Bio

Jane E. Shaw - For her modeling of what a world class director of a complex global company like Intel should be: savvy, meticulous, dedicated and tough. Bio


Robert D. Biggs - For stepping in to lead scandal-plagued DPL back to a position of financial soundness and respect. Bio

H. Raymond Bingham - For decisive action and leadership in cleaning up options back-dating at KLA-Tencor. Bio

William V. Campbell - For the masterful molding of a winning board, culture and strategy at Intuit. Bio

Ursula O. Fairbairn - For championing initiatives that have raised the performance bar at VF, contributing to a business transformation and record results. Bio

Jerre L. Stead - For the pivotal role in strategic decision-making at so many young technology companies and for stepping up to run IHS, taking it to stunning heights. Bio

Douglas A. Warner III - For brokering the hotly contentious, then widely praised, sale of Anheuser-Busch, culminating years of contributions to the board. Bio


Robert D. Beyer - for the laser-sharp analytical focus he brings to the Kroger boardroom. Bio

August A. Busch III - for the strategic vision and execution savvy that have contributed to AT&T's success. Bio

Stephen E. Frank - for the masterful chairmanship of Washington Mutual's audit committee during a period of intense change. Bio

Steven F. Goldstone - for successfully guiding ConAgra and American Standard through major business restructurings. Bio

Harvey Golub - for leadership resulting in a major business turnaround at Campbell Soup. Bio

Judith R. Haberkorn - for stepping up to the plate to help post-bankruptcy MCI regain viability and respectability. Bio

William R. Holland - for building success into Goodrich's spin-off of Enpro. Bio

Elizabeth Kennan - for modeling the role of lead director at Northeast Utilities, particularly during troubled times. Bio

Charles R. Lee - for the motivating and transparent CEO compensation plan he championed at DirecTV. Bio

Douglas H. McCorkindale - for strength and judgment in guiding Continental Airlines to an industry leadership position. Bio

Bernard G. Rethore - for ensuring the sale of Maytag earned the highest possible return for shareholders. Bio


A. George (Skip) Battle - for leading the PeopleSoft board through a tumultuous Oracle buyout Bio

Lawrence A. Bossidy - for leading the charge to turnaround Merck Bio

John R. Hall - for driving the decision to hire Jamie Dimon as CEO at Bank One Bio

Judith Richards Hope - for thought leadership that has kept General Mills ahead of the curve Bio

Valerie B. Jarrett - for orchestrating a winning comp plan at post bankruptcy USG Bio

Edward A. Kangas - for getting scandal-racked Tenet Healthcare back on course Bio

David T. Kollat - for applying his retail expertise to improve returns at Big Lots and Wolverine Worldwide Bio

John A. (Jack) Krol - for cleaning up governance at Tyco Bio

William T. Monahan - for expertise in helping spin-offs Mosaic and Novelis survive and thrive Bio

Michael T. Tokarz - for seeing billions of dollars of value through the break-up of Walter Industries Bio


Jacqueline K. Barton Bio

Worley H Clark, Jr. Bio

Charles M. Lillis Bio

William R. Loomis, Jr. Bio

Robert W. Matschullat Bio

Mackey J. McDonald Bio

Louis Simpson Bio

Harold 'Hap' A. Wagner Bio


William Bradley Bio

Jill Ker Conway Bio

Enrique Hernandez, Jr. Bio

Norman S. Matthews Bio

Joseph Neubauer Bio

Andrall E. Pearson Bio

John J. Phelan, Jr. Bio

Walter Scott, Jr. Bio

A.Thomas Young Bio


Teresa Beck 

Peter C. Browning Bio

John L. Clendenin Bio

James F. Hardymon Bio

Frank C. Herringer Bio

Andrew J. McKenna Bio

Sandra O. Moose Bio

Josh S. Weston Bio


Barbara T. Alexander Bio

Norman R. Augustine Bio

William G. Bowen Bio

Michael S. Brown Bio

Barbara Hackman Franklin Bio

Robert J. Jenkins 

Claudine B. Malone Bio


Reginald K. Brack Bio

J. Michael Cook Bio

Scott Cook Bio

John C. Danforth Bio

Michael A. Miles Bio

Allen Murray Bio

William D. Ruckelshaus Bio

Raymond S. Troubh Bio

Martin D. Walker Bio


Robert Campbell Bio

Jack Creighton Bio

Richard W. Hanselman Bio

Paul Hazen Bio

W. R. Howell Bio

Ann McLaughlin Korologos Bio

Kenneth G. Langone Bio

Richard D. Parsons Bio

Rozanne Ridgway Bio

Arnold Weber


Edward A. Brennan Bio

Martin Feldstein Bio

Stanley Gault Bio

Ralph Gomory Bio

Gordon Gund Bio

Helene Kaplan Bio

Lynn Martin Bio

Michael Rose Bio

Franklin Thomas Bio

A. Kenneth West Bio


Michael J. Boskin Bio

Donald J. Carty Bio

Carl Hahn Bio

Carla A. Hills Bio

Donald S. Perkins Bio

C. William Pollard Bio

Arthur Rock Bio

Henry B. Schacht Bio

Harold T. Shapiro Bio

Patricia Stonesifer Bio


Silas S. Cathcart

Hanna H. Fray

Gerald Grinstein

Roderick M. Hills

Ellen R. Marram

David T. McLaughlin

Paul H. O'Neill

John M. Richman

Benjamin M. Rosen

Patrick G. Ryan