9th Annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Conference

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Conference will offer those interested in metastatic breast cancer research and treatment with an opportunity to present their ideas in an interactive forum. We encourage all types of submissions involving metastatic breast cancer, which may include epidemiological studies, improvement in quality of life, research, technology development and treatment. 

Please use the following headings for each abstract submission:  

  • Title (should appear bold and capital letters) 
  • Background Information (relevant to the topic)
  • Objectives (of the study or Program) 
  • Methods and/or Innovation (of the study or program)
  • Results/Discussion (includes an interpretation of the results and impact of the disease)

Deadline  For Receipt Of Submissions Is  July 1, 2022. 

Any questions can be directed to josh@theresasresearch.org.  Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the conference Abstract committee. A limited number of accepted abstracts will be selected for a short Lightning talk during the conference. 

Accepted abstracts will be presented at the Poster session to be held on the evening of September 7th at the Conference Hotel: Sheraton Park City.

A limited number of scholarships are available to early career investigators and trainees who have accepted abstracts. 

Abstracts can be submitted via email to: abstract@theresasresearch.org