World Congress of Sociology of Sport 2016

President Welcome Message

On behalf of the ISSA Executive Board, I am pleased to invite you to take part in our 2016 World Congress of Sociology of Sport to be held in Budapest, Hungary. Over the past 50 years, the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) has been convening international congresses and academic meetings to facilitate research exchanges among scholars and to promote international cooperation as we seek to enhance education and research on the social significance of sport, exercise and physical activity. Though focused on sociology, ISSA congresses bring together social scientists from a variety of academic fields such as history, political science, anthropology, social psychology, economics, cultural studies, media studies, and gender studies eager to pursue critical analysis about sport in society and to engage with and inform all levels of social actors from participants to practitioners and decision makers to enhance public policies and enrich experiences through and in sport.

Our Budapest colleagues first hosted an ISSA international symposium in 1999 and we are very excited to return to this beautiful heritage city for scholarly exchanges and international networking on the theme of “Sport, Global Development, and Social Change”.  Join us June 8 to 11 in the splendid Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the bank of the Danube River to contribute to research conversations and debates about how questions of justice, politics, identity, the economy and the environment inform and shape competing and contradictory social perspectives on the role of sport in promoting human development and social change on a global scale.

See you in Budapest!

ISSA President-Elect

Christine Dallaire