World Congress of Sociology of Sport 2016

ISSA 2016 Final Academic Program
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From June 8-11, 2016 the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) will hold its World Congress in Budapest, Hungary at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The local Organizing Committee – a collaboration of Hungarian academics working at St John’s University (New York, USA), the University of Physical Education (Budapest, Hungary) and Bell & Partners Communication – is honoured to organize this event, which will have the theme “Sport, Global Development, and Social Change.”

The main goal of the conference is to gather the international community of sociologists of sport to discuss the key issues and debates surrounding the role and place of sport in global social and economic developments. The congress will allow common interests linked to this theme to emerge, networking opportunities to develop collaborative research projects, and to extend international scientific knowledge in human and social sciences. This congress is organized with the support of the Ministry of Human Development and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Sport, Global Development, and Social Change

Sport has become an important vehicle for initiatives related to global development and social change. Such initiatives range from sport for peace and conflict resolution, the advancement of girls and women in sport and physical activity and the use of sport for economic development. With respect to the latter international sport federations and governing bodies have awarded hosting rights to host a range of sport mega-events to both established and emerging markets. The rationale is that sport and sporting mega-events play a positive role in both social and economic development often through what are popularly referred to as ‘legacy’ programs. However, some critics argue that as a result of these policies nations spend valuable resources on sporting events instead of education, health, or social programs. Scheduled one year after the 2015 Rugby World Cup hosted by the U.K. and the 2015 Handball Men’s World Championship hosted by Qatar, in the year of the 2016 Rio Olympics, one year prior to the 2017 FINA World Championship in Budapest (Hungary), and 2 years prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia this congress will provide a forum for scholars to discuss and debate these important issues. Beyond the main theme, the congress will also feature a diverse range of sessions to enable scholars, including postgraduate students, the opportunity to share their latest research.

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