ad:tech University
Course Format

We know you a have unique learning style so we’ve carefully structured the ad:tech University course format to appeal to a range of different learning needs and wants.  Each module is structured around core components:

Introduction: gain an overview of the topic and the format of the module

Presentation: learn the theory and fundamentals from the course instructor or guest speaker for that module

Case study examples: the presentation is brought to life with illustrations from actual campaigns enabling you to relate the learnings to real life
Discussion: share ideas, bounce suggestions, workshop problems & challenges, collaborate on solutions & exercises.  You get the idea… two heads are better than one…
Practical exercises: get hands on with the platforms, tools and techniques that you’ve been learning about.  Each module includes exercises that enable you to put into practice the topic theory and learnings.  This gives you a chance to actually use and practice the skills that are necessary in your day-to-day role.
Q&A, review & conclusions: wrap up of the key learning points and any final discussion.

And of course your onsite learning at the ad:tech University is supported by the e-learning modules that you’ll have access to after the course.  R
epeat modules that you found particularly useful, or perhaps challenging, do exercises to practice what you’ve studied, and really reinforce what you learned at the ad:tech University.