ad:tech University
e-learning Modules

When you register for the ad:tech University you will also receive complimentary access to the online training modules programmed and serviced by Digital Chameleon, our education partner.

The e-learning syllabus matches the ad:tech University course so that you have the chance to study the modules again, at your own pace and in your own environment. If you found any of the modules particularly useful, or perhaps particularly challenging, and you want to cover that material again the e-learning syllabus allows you to do this. There are additional practical exercises so that you can work through and reinforce everything that you’ve learned and ensure that you’re really transitioning your media and marketing skills to digital.

In addition to attending ad:tech University, the e-learning modules mean that you’ll gain confidence in discussing, preparing, and evaluating digital media options and recommendations.  You'll be better equipped to approach integrated programs. You'll be more confident discussing online options without having a "digital expert" in the room. You'll be skilled in the fastest growing media sector.

Truly cement your digital awareness and increase the value that you bring to your role and organisation.

On completion of the ad:tech University course you’ll receive details, including a personalised code, to access the Digital Chameleon e-learning syllabus for a two week period after the University.