ICTC Conference 2016
Gehl Architects Masterclass – Changing mindset
Presented by Henriette Vamberg, Partner, Gehl Architects, Denmark

Wednesday 9 November 2016 - 9.30am to 12.30pm

The Changing Mindset Masterclass will bring together a mix of experiences which will not only focus on the project outcomes, but also which process led to the results.

Part one will include a presentation by Henriette followed by questions. Part two will be hands-on whereby we discuss concrete cases brought by participants. Firstly group discussions will take place followed by a shared discussion around the cases and how to relate them to what was presented earlier. Henriette will share insights, learnings and supplement what has already been shared.

Includes refreshment break.

Tickets $195 – full conference delegates only (Maximum of 40 participants)

Recovering the Lost Art of Street Design Masterclass
Presented by Steven Burgess, Principal, MRCagney

Wednesday 9 November 2016, 1pm to 5pm

Are your streets dominated by people or cars, is your design methodology confusing roads with streets?

MRCagney and the City of Auckland are collaborating to frame a discussion around reintroducing the lost art of street design. Topics covered will include:

> The important role of streets in communities;
> Why streets are different from roads;
> How different users relate to streets;
> Dealing with traffic and parking in streets;
> Methodologies for greenfield and infil streets;
> Maximising place value in streets.

Why attend?
Rediscover the delights of good streets and the art of street design; discuss trends in street design around the world.

Preliminary program

>History of Streets
>Streets Around the World
>Suburbs v Communities
>Healthy Streets

2:15pm Street Users
> Pedestrians
> Bikes
> Public Transport
> Cars

3:15pm Street Hierarchy

Main Streets (including discussion on Auckland’s shared street innovations)
> Mixed Use Streets
> Living Streets
> Industrial Streets
> St roads

> Parking
> Intersections
> Question & Answer Time

Tickets $95 –full conference delegates only (Maximum 30 participants)
Includes light refreshments.