ICTC Conference 2016


  • High profile keynote speakers from the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Over 50 diverse and interactive presentations 
  • Workshops 
  • Guest speaker panel session with audience interaction
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  • Gehl Architects Masterclass: Changing Mindset, presented by Henriette Vamberg, Gehl Architects, Denmark
  • Improving your evidence based place decision making presented by Prof Cathy Parker, Marketing & Retail, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Recovering the Lost Art of Street Design Masterclass, presented by Steven Burgess, MRCagney
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Special Interest Group (SIG) Sessions
  • Community Led Place Making - how governments can shift the focus from regulator to facilitator
  • Financing & Delivering Place Making Initiatives - Tools for making the idea a reality. 
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Field Trips

  • Launceston Field Trip - includes a coach and walking element. 
  • Pop-up Bar Walk - Dicky Whites Lane - Friday, 11 November
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  • Networking Function - Wednesday, 9 November
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Birds of a Feather Lunches
  • A great way to exchange ideas. Meet with other city and place leaders over Birds of a feather lunches.
  • Choose to sit at a table with like minded peers over lunch with a topic card. Be guided by the topic cards as a way to initiate conversation, make new contacts and discuss similar issues over lunch. 
  • These lunches are especially great for those who are new to the industry or who are travelling on their own or with a small group to the conference. 

         More details for Birds of a Feather will be posted shortly.