IAU 15th General Conference 2016
Conference venue:
The day programme will take place at Chulalongkorn University. More detailed information will be provided soon.

About the Conference hosts:

The growing number of international students, coming from over 52 countries, provides a truly international learning environment. Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is one of the oldest Universities in Thailand and was founded in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI). In 1917, the university had four faculties: Arts and Sciences, Public Administration, Engineering and Medicine. The university was named after his father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who laid the foundations for modern education in Thailand. It comprises 19 faculties, 11 research institutes, three teaching institutes and four affiliated institutions as well as the Graduate School. The undergraduate student body is 21,825 and there are currently 10,746 students enrolled in Master degree programs and 2,394 studying for their Doctorate. Chulalongkorn University is ranked the top university in Thailand in every field and is also guaranteed excellent university by Office of Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment of Thailand. The University has given honorary degrees to heads of state and other international dignitaries, including two U.S. Presidents: Lyndon B. Johnson (October 29, 1966); Bill Clinton (November 26, 1996) and Nelson Mandela (July 17, 1997). 

Siam University

Siam University was founded in 1965 and is one of the oldest and largest private Universities in Thailand.

In 2012, Siam University has received National Best Coop. Award Institute by Thai Minister of Education. Siam University three main pillars are Employability, Sustainability, and Diversity.  The university is comprised of 12 schools which offer a broad variety of undergraduate, graduate and lifelong education programs. The entire international program use English as medium of instruction. The student body consists of around 15,000 students with the evidence 81,000 graduates in various fields of specialization. Siam University is ranked third amongst private   universities for its international student population, and a member of AACSB. Siam University is the only University in Bangkok to celebrate the U.N. International Day of Peace on 21st September as well as hosting several events such as ICT and Knowledge Engineering for 5 years consecutively. Siam University also developed an added value program to the students’ curriculum by providing several leadership and development opportunities that will build many of the skills and knowledge needed in a multi cultural world to help them succeed even further in their future endeavors. The growing number of international students, coming from over 52 countries, provides a truly international learning environment. 

Suranaree University of Technology

The Suranaree University of Technology is in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, the main campus is 3 and half hours drive from Bangkok. The university was established on July 27, 1990, becoming fully operational in 1993. It is named after Thao Suranaree, the local heroine of Nakhon Ratchasima. It has been entitled as 1 of 9 National Research Universities of Thailand since 2009. Its Undergraduates are 10,451 while Postgraduates around 910 and Doctoral students are 591 students. Suranaree University of Technology is the first ever university in Thailand that initiated Trimester System for its educational management consisting of 13 weeks for each trimester providing enough time for students to concentrate on their study more effectively. Suranaree University of Technology houses the National Synchrotron Research Center that enables advanced research on physics, materials science and related areas. The School of Physics has been ranked as the first in the country consecutively. In addition, the university has been recognized as one of the most productive institutions. It is the youngest institution among the nine National Research Universities of Thailand.


Asian Institute of Technology

The Asian Institute of Technology promotes technological change and sustainable development in the Asian-Pacific region through higher education, research and outreach.  Established in Bangkok in 1959, AIT has become a leading regional postgraduate institution and is actively working with public and private sector partners throughout the region and with some of the top universities in the world.


Recognized for its multinational, multicultural ethos, the Institute operates as a self-contained international community at its campus located 40km (25 miles) north of downtown Bangkok, Thailand. Besides the usual labs and academic buildings, the main campus includes housing, sports, and medical facilities, a conference center, and a library with over 230,000 volumes and 830 print and on-line periodicals.All serve to fulfill AIT's Mission which is: To develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play leading roles in the region's sustainable development and its integration into the global economy.