GENIVI 13th All-Member Meeting & AMM OPEN Days

As a reminder, each level of membership will receive a limited quantity of free passes for their company representatives. Once those passes are exhausted, a fee of $500.00 USD per attendee will be applied. GENIVI Charter members are eligible for forty (40) free passes, Core members are eligible for fifteen (15) free passes and Associate members are eligible for five (5) free passes. The access codes have been mailed to the primary and secondary contacts of your company. Please contact them directly for your access code. If you do not know who your company contact is, please send an email to 

*PLEASE NOTE: Transferring passes to another member company is not allowed. 


Please note VISA requirements and forms are different for every country, so it's imperative that you do research and understand your country's specifications. Please contact Karin Hanson at if you require a letter of invitation. 

Participation in a GENIVI AMM is voluntary and all expenses related to that participation, including but not limited to obtaining a required VISA, are the sole responsibility of the individual attending and his/her employer. GENIVI will not take responsibility if for any reason, a member is unable to attend the AMM due to lack of a VISA. GENIVI will not refund any travel expenses or late registration fees incurred by an individual participant due to VISA issues of any kind. 


We encourage you to visit the GENIVI Wiki page regularly for updates on travel (airfare discounts) and the event agenda. The GENIVI mobile app will be ready September 1, 2015,  for download.


We have been monitoring the MERS Virus situation and member concerns over traveling to Seoul.  "It is the assessment of the government and the medical community that the public can rest easy," the Health Ministry said, adding that no new cases have been reported since July 4. Health experts say the virus has an incubation period of about two weeks.  Travel to Seoul is now safe and we will, of course, continue to monitor this for our members.