GENIVI 13th All-Member Meeting & AMM OPEN Days

OCTOBER 20-23, 2015
Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, Korea


We have a unique program that brings the GENIVI All-Member Meeting IVI community together in addition to two "OPEN" days of activities for members and the public. Members are encouraged to participate in the open activities at no charge if they are already registered for the All-Member Meeting.

GENIVI AMM OPEN Days, 21-22 October, will include open business-focused sessions to the public (for a fee). The morning program will focus on cyber security and the remainder of the day will cover engaging topics related to IVI business models and trends.

Also on Wednesday, we will welcome open source developers and solutions architects from member and non-member companies to the first of two days of sessions on our open source software components and tooling. While these sessions will be informative, they will also include opportunities for coding and integration testing. In fact, a portion of the week will be given to a developer workshop.

The popularity of the GENIVI Demo Platform (GDP) activities at our previous AMM has resulted in an expanded plan for tutorials and integration test sessions throughout the week in Seoul. A “GDP room” will be reserved to hold multiple build tutorials featuring boards from at least three different silicon providers’ as well as two different build tools. Furthermore, at least two expert groups have reserved working sessions to perform live integration testing of GENIVI software into the GDP. All in all, this two and a half-day GDP activity will ensure that anyone who wants to spend hands-on time with the GDP to become better acquainted with GENIVI middleware can do so. The GDP sessions will be limited to space available so you will have the opportunity to sign up during the registration process.

NEW!!  You can now pre-select your sessions in advance!  

Please note that in addition to registering for a room, you will need to register your attendance through the registration site.