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A power message from Wendy Hand, Australia: take a stand against procurement tenders...  

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  Read the reports, see the material from media, participants, speakers and others: 
 Visual Premium at the Fresh Conference
by Kitega Global Advisors
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by CIM-World of Association News. February 5th.
Dissecting meeting planners and superbrainstorming at FRESH 2013 in Denmark
Read it HERE + pictures 


Hybrid Meetings: 10 Tips from the Fresh Conference For Integrating Technology  
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FRESH – it talks and walks the message for effective meetings 
by MMPAdminRead it HERE

Human spectrograms—video from the FRESH Conference
by Adrian Segar 


"Conferences are the back-bone of the knowledge economy"

Noted words by Martin Ferro-Thomsen (R), a FRESH speaker during an interview with Gerrit Heijkoop (L)

Things we did at FRESH13:

Do you know Adrian Segar?

Adrian is a world-renowned meeting designer and author of the popular book Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love.

He will be leading an interactive mini-workshop experience of three participation techniques as well as facilitating a panel discussion on whether... facilitation is necessary in meetings!

On Wednesday 16 he will be leading an optional, hands-on Masterclass on Session Designs that Work, the title of his new book; this will be full of practical tips and suggestions based on 30 years of meeting design experience. It's not too late to register

Explore this Format -
"How Can I...."

You come to FRESH looking for solutions to address specific challenges; but how do you find the people that have the particular knowledge and experience you need to tap into?

Formats like "How Can I" and "Dare to Ask" are the tools we will be featuring to help you do just that. How Can I is a quick hit; Dare to Ask works all through the conference - complete the Dare to Ask section on your  registration form.


Meet our sponsors

Conferize is for the 100%... The 1% attending your conference, and the 99% who wish they could be there.

Conferize uses social media to connect organizers with relevant delegates across the globe, before, during and after the event.


Keynote speaker
Tor Nørretranders - science writer and thinker

Predictable surprise: How to get information across
"Information is a measure of surprise. So why is it that we tend to try to control everything when we want to get information across to someone else? The key is risks, uncertainties, non-control – all of which gives rise to trust, faith and joy...."

Speaker News - Wendy Hand

In Wendy's session you will understand why the customer is always right except when it comes to event content planning. You will discover why you need to change your focus from being an event organizer, producer or meeting architect to becoming a trusted adviser. We’ll briefly look at a range of case studies which demonstrate how this is not only beneficial to your clients and their events but also your own business success and profitability.

With budgets becoming tighter and tenders attempting to commoditize event planning it’s more important than ever to think strategically about how you operate your business and manage your clients.

Speaker News - Polo Looser

Polo Looser, VP of Strategy & Consulting at MCI Headquarters, will talk about 'Measurement and Meeting Architecture'. What do we measure and why is it of critical importance? Why is the Meeting Architect the most important job of the future in the meeting industry. Discover this expert's opinion.

Meet our sponsors

FRESH13 would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners.

While we were at EIBTM, we were able to interview a number of them and capture how their products and services add value to meetings and improve the participant experience.

Look for these videos on the corresponding sponsor pages. 

Why attend FRESH13?

Change is coming to the meeting industry - driven by the need to demonstrate value, by financial pressures, by regulatory compliance and by new technologies - creating space for a new breed of master builders: the Meeting Architects.

The Meeting Architect understands and thrives on this change; understands how it will shape change in all kinds of industries and organisations.

When designing a meeting, the Meeting Architect needs to master what is possible and understand what the building blocks are; what tools he possesses and how he can use them. And the most important of these tools are meeting formats

For three days, FRESH13 mixes world-renowned speakers in a highly interactive environment rich with tools and technology to give you an opportunity to experience first-hand a wealth of innovative meeting formats and resources that engage attention and drive effectiveness.

If you are ready to become a meeting architect - if you are ready to shape change – take the first step and join us at FRESH13.

Order the book.

Explore this Format -
FRESH13 Music

Is music a format?
What is the role of music in a meeting?
Violeta Salonen - a professional experience creation designer - will be exploring these questions with us. She has not only created for us playlists of existing music, but has also composed a number of original pieces especially for FRESH13. Listen to these samples for a taster or go straight to SoundCloud:

The FRESH13 Conference theme

The FRESH13 Brainstorming theme

Keynote speaker
Karen Freidt - NASA

Sparking Genius
"We can no longer accept that a few will lead us forward. We need the collaborative genius of society to help solve our complex challenges and shape our future. We must share the secrets of the creative mind and convince those who have been held down in our hierarchies that they too have as much power and as much to offer as those in traditional positions of strength....

Your PC or mine?

BARCO ClickShare innovates debates and conference panels ...

The new Barco ClickShare is about to revolutionize panel discussions, debates and even co-creation sessions at conferences. This totally new device gives several speakers each a big button, allowing them to share their laptop screen with one bang on the button. Will speakers now not only fight to be heard, but also to be seen? See ClickShare in action at FRESH13.

Speaker News - Erik Peekel

Erik Peekel, is breaking out! Recognized in his country as THE moderator for meetings and conferences. He's joining us in Copenhagen to share his skills with a FRESH audience...  As our host for the Talk Show and as super brainstormer he will make sparks fly with his energy and ability to connect participants. .

FRESH book launch

Eric de Groot has been a meeting architect for twenty years. Now, he and his business partner Mike van der Vijver, make their collective experience available to you in their new book Into the Heart of Meetings.

Anyone who attended FRESH12 and saw Eric turn a picnic into an impromtu team building exercise will quickly want to add this book to their library.

We are proud that Eric has chosen to launch his book at FRESH13.

ROI is history

Dr Elling Hamso shows that the ROI methodology is a powerful tool the strategic meeting planner can use to help survive in the current economic downturn.

FRESH gossip

What is FRESH about?

FRESH Gossip

"Congratulations, FRESH 2012 was a great and fresh event, lots of innovative and creative formats for meetings were introduced and practiced on-site, which I really enjoyed. I did try out the “solution room” in a workshop, which I organized, and I also practiced it with my team in one of our team meetings.

I am already looking forward to FRESH 2013."

Sabine, Head of International Conference Management & Health Management from an Austrian high-tech company.

The story of FRESH13

As we work on the programme of FRESH13, we have developed a story: the story of one participant's journey through the FRESH13 experience. By keeping this story in mind, we are sure that we are putting the participants at the centre of everything we do.


FRESH innovates with
Hybrid Angels

The problem: How to give an on-line community an on-site experience?

The FRESH Conference is always ready to try out new ways of being innovative and to find solutions to facilitate participant interaction and engagement, whichever way you chose to attend our conference....


Explore this Format -

In this meeting format, Erik Peekel will show you how to connect with other participants and their brightest ideas. Based on the wisdom-of-crowds theory this has led to breakthroughs in both companies and sectors. In the Superbrainstorm delegates engage in short speed-dates focused on one specific challenge. Everyone adds his experience, insight, creativity and spark.

This brief YouTube video (in Dutch) shows the format in action and the energy it creates!


Explore this Format -
LEGO® Serious Play®

If you thought LEGO was for kids, our session on Dissecting Meeting Formats will change your mind.  You will dicover that LEGO® Serious Play® programs are being used by companies worldwide that are looking for innovative ways to increase the commitment, confidence and insight of their executives, managers and employees. The programs are in use for a broad range of purposes, including:

  • Strategy development and exploration
  • Organizational development
  • Innovation and product development
  • Change management

Shaping change at NASA

How do you help shape change in an organization like NASA, filled with rocket scientists and you aren't one of them?  

Why would a automotive engineer, an elementary school teacher, a city council member, a living museum employee, a landfill worker and NASA employees be working together in a fire station? 

Karen Freidt will share with us how a very small team of employees are breaking down mindset barriers and demonstrating how diversity plays a key role in innovation. 

Speaker News - Guy Bigwood

Guy Bigwood is one of our versatile experts. He speaks on Sustainability in meetings; not just green, he brings the GMIC meeting case and he talks about gamification. You will see Guy use an exceptional presentation format, and even a session based on it. A truly multi-layered experience not to be missed.

Speaker News - Adrian Segar

Adrian Segar will be leading a session at FRESH13. Here he talks about what inspired him to write his book Conferences that Work and how the meeting industry needs to evolve. Today, people come to meetings with specific goals about who they want to meet and what they want to accomplish; meetings need to address this change by facilitating dialogue between attendees. He will be sharing practical examples and tips during his FRESH session, and also during his FRESH Masterclass on January 16.

Speaker News - Mike Clanton

Mike is an expert in the area of internet capacity in Meetings and conferences. Many meetings suffer from a lack of it and with a growing number of devices and the Hybrid connections taking even more bandwith, his expertise will be crucial to all of us.

FRESH gossip


Why Sabine is coming to FRESH13

Sabine Bonora is the Head of International Conferences at Med-El, an Austrian medical devices company.
Sabine attended FRESH12 and will be attending FRESH13. In this five-minute interview, Sabine explains the value that she got from FRESH12, her experiences in bringing her new knowledge back to her company - which hasn't been easy - and why she is looking forward to FRESH13. 


Download The Guide to reFRESHing Social Media

Our social media guru Stefania Conti-Vecchi has created the FRESH Guide to reFRESHing social media.

It tells you everything you need to know to join the FRESH tribe and share your knowledge and experience before, during and after FRESH13; and how you can apply the same social media model to the meetings you plan and design.

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