The name FRESH means this conference aims at fresh, new, innovative, changing ways of doing a conference, a meeting or an event. Not just new technology, hybrid or meetings or social media, but also fresh formats, new presentation techniques, the latest AV, new design, new edu-tainment, the latest learning techniques or surprising science. The fresh conference will introduce fresh formats, experiment with fresh ideas, start fresh trends and even launch fresh books. All sorts of tools and all kinds of knowledge to improve meeting effectiveness.


People want to meet and the meetings of today are slowly changing: there is room for improvement. It is time for something new, something fresh.

Every day we discover more fresh ways of improving conference dynamics, presentation techniques, networking activities etc. All these tools and techniques are there for us to refresh conferences and generate more ROI.


If you want to pick up new ideas, meet new people, get a glimpse of our future, FRESH is the place to go.  FRESH will see a new mix of participants - a lot of ‘fresmen - who will also be interested in meeting you and picking your brain.


FRESH is a platform, a lab and a playground for new things. FRESH is the place where FRESH contacts, knowledge and discussions will lead to FRESH products. FRESH is a catalyst for innovation. There are plenty of initiatives, companies and individuals creating fresh stuff and applying all sorts of innovation. We want these people to meet and give the best ideas a platform. We allow users to discover and experience many fresh things in a vibrant, professional and safe environment.


We believe the time is right to create a fresh tribe. The MSI and Meeting Architecture have gathered together many of the brilliant minds in the meeting industry and now we invite other groups from other industries and other backgrounds. A fresh wind will blow over FRESH - from facilitation, audio visual, drama, production, cognitive science, marketing, etc. On the FRESH program, fresh names will appear from psychology, change management, story tellers and more.


Whatever your background, the FRESH conference will provide you with new topics to discuss, to think about, to take home and to continue the conversation; to start the debate on your home front. In that sense FRESH may be a fresh start, or at least a refreshing shower of change.

If you are ready for a new challenge in your carrier, you will find no better place than FRESH,


Learning is what conferences are also about and at FRESH you will learn about learning techniques you can apply to future meetings, so your future participants learn more; from the subject-matter experts and from their peers.

META EDUCATION SO TO SPEAK... What FRESH wants is participants to go home and apply fresh ideas to their conference, so these get refreshed a bit and freshness can spread like a Nordic breeze.