COPA E18 - European Migration, May 2022
How to register:
The event is already open for you to book on the COPA and on the Aventri websites. Go here to book your French Riviera Adventure – Book early, book often, as Rick would have said!

Go to the top of this page and click the NEW REGISTRATION button or
 Fees are as follows:   Up to January 31  After January 31
 Main Attendee:              €395  €445
 Partner, Copilot, Crew:  €395  €425
 Children above 15 years:     €395  €425

There is no registration fee for children up to 15 years, they are always welcome. We want the Migration to be a family affair, but we need you to register all children - including first name, last name, address and an email address. If your toddler does not have an email address, you may use someone else's address - its a formal point we cannot avoid with registration.

Again we offer an Early Bird rate for those of you ready to register NOW! The Early Bird rate is considerably cheaper but expires on February 15, 2020. Starting February 16st, the regular fee applies. Please hurry if you want take advantage of the Early Bird Special!
Note: The fee includes all meals at the hotel including wine, beer and softdrinks. At the Gala Event we will have an open bar. 

Note: This site will be updated regularly over the next couple months, so if you return next time, expect changes, updates, more information or new pictures!