APSAD Sydney 2016 Conference

Poster Listing

Poster Number Title of Presentation First Name Last Name
1 A Prospective Cohort Study of Adolescent Alcohol Initiation and Progression to Binge Drinking  Alexandra Aiken
2 Extent of Alcohol Prohibition in Civil Policy in Muslim Majority Countries: The Impact of Globalization Basma Al-Ansari
3  A Preliminary Investigation of Perceived Parental Care and Drug Use Amongst UK Students  Chris Alford
4 Jarrah House: Words from the Well, A Comprehensive Ten Week Residential Alcohol And Other Drug Program for Women with Substance Use Issues and Their Children Juliet Ardren
5 Crystal Clear: The Increased Prevalence of Methamphetamine and Its’ Impact on the Client Population of Two NSW Court Diversion Programs Soren Ashley
6 Characteristics of Individuals Entering Residential Treatment at Therapeutic Communities for Methamphetamine Problems versus Other Drug and Alcohol Problems Ramez Bathish
7 Embedding Community Participation into Alcohol and Other Drug Service Provision and Policy  Alex Bird
8  Opioid Treatment Planning In a Disaster Context: Stories from Aotearoa/New Zealand  Denise Blake
9 Climbing the Consumer Participation Ladder  Regina Brindle
10 Measuring Progress Against the National Tobacco Strategy 2012–2018  Simone Brown
11 Defining Problematic Pharmaceutical Opioid Use Among People Prescribed Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Do Different Measures Identify the Same Patients? Gabrielle Campbell
12 Australian Adolescents’ Stigmatising Attitudes towards Peers Experiencing Alcohol Problems: Influences on Help-Seeking Intentions and Behaviour Ali Cheetham
13 Incorporating Overdose Management into Routine Care Of PWID Undergoing Hepatitis C Treatment with Direct Acting Antivirals at KRC Karen Chronister
14 Geospatial Analyses of Access to Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Treatment Services’  Kristina  Da Silva
15 Integrated Management Pathways for Alcohol and Drug Clients into Treatment (Impact) Service Reduces Emergency Department Visits Rachel Deacon
16  Substance Use Disparities among Sexual Minority Adolescents and Young Adults  Daniel  Demant
17 The Non-Medical Use Of Prescription Stimulants by Australian University Students for Cognitive Enhancement Matthew Dunn
18 Changes in Assumption of Care and Primary Drug Observed At the John Hunter Hospital Substance Use in Pregnancy Service Chi Duong
19 A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Lisdexamfetamine for the Treatment of Methamphetamine Dependence: The LIMA Study Protocol Nadine Ezard
20 Lisdex I: Dose-Escalating, Phase-2 Study of Oral Lisdexamfetamine in Adults with Methamphetamine Dependence Nadine Ezard
21 Examining Ambulance Attendances across the Lifespan: Alcohol-Related Attendances across Metropolitan and Regional Victoria Agatha  Faulkner
22 Satisfaction and Self-Reported Outcomes for Service Users of Specialist Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment and Support Services in the ACT Carrie Fowlie
23 Influences on Blood Borne Virus Risk Behaviours by People Who Inject Drugs in the UK: A Qualitative Exploration Gail Gilchrist
24 Feasibility Of the PROTECT Group Intervention to Improve Injecting Skills and Reduce BBV Risk Behaviours in People Who Inject Drugs Gail Gilchrist
25 Innovative Inreach: A Partnership between Alcohol and Other Drug Clinical Liaison Service, General Hospital and a Community Mental Health service Greg Gordon
26 A Liver Health Promotion Intervention Integrating Non-Invasive Liver Disease Screening In Drug and Alcohol Settings: The Liverlife Study Jason Grebely
27 Anabolic Steroid Use and Body Image Psychopathology in Men: Delineating Between Appearance- Versus Performance-Driven Motivations Scott Griffiths
28 The Stigma of Anabolic Steroid Use Scott
29 Opioid Substitution Therapy in Nepal: Nine Years of Country Experience  John Howard
30  Toward an Evidence Informed Response to the Drug Use in Nepal  John
A Comparison of the Motivations for Consuming Alcohol Mixed with Energy Drink Compared to Other Caffeinated Beverages
Sean Johnson
32 Who Returns for Naloxone Replenishment? Real World Analysis of Clients Returning For Naloxone at The Kirketon Road Centre John Kearley
33  Sleep Problems amongst Risky Drinking Australian Adolescents  Tina Lam
34 “I’m Not a Junkie” – Are People Who Misuse OTC Codeine Different than Those That Abuse Other Opioids? Kathryn Law
35 ‘Invisible and Aggregated’: Bisexuality and Drug Use in Australia  Toby Lea
36 Injecting drug use and harms – what can monitoring data tell us?  Jenny Stafford
37  Web Survey of use of Study Drugs by WA Tertiary Students– First Results  Simon Lenton
38 Gender Differences in Binge Drinking in 278 Countries – A Meta-Analysis by Global Regions  Janni Leung
39 Universal Support to Help Inpatients Quit Smoking: Hosquit, Part 2: Uncontrolled Before and After Study of Systems Change Intervention Pilot Victoria Malone
40 Trends in Specialist AOD Treatment – An Analysis of 10 Years of Victorian Treatment Service Data  Sharon Matthews
41  Ambulance Attendances for Alcohol Intoxication among the Mid Age and Older  Sharon
42  Predicting Abstinence from Methamphetamine Use after Residential Rehabilitation  Rebecca  McKetin
43 Physical Health and Utilisation of Treatments among a Sample of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Patients Dependent on Their Opioid Medication Teleri Moore
44 Responsibility, Recreation, and Gender: A Systematic Review of Middle-Aged Non-Problematised Drinkers’ Constructions of Their Alcohol Consumption Emma Muhlack
45 Exploring the Association between Self-Harm and Same-Sex Attraction amongst a Cohort of People Who Inject Drugs in Melbourne, Australia Daniel O'Keefe
46 Coinciding Steroid, Body Image, and Party Drug Trends Among Young Men in the ‘Bruss’ Subculture Timothy Piatkowski
47 Baseline Data from an Evaluation of a Wellbeing Intervention Targeting Young Construction Industry Apprentices Ken Pidd
48 The Identification of at-risk alcohol consumption patterns: Retrospective Surveys versus a Smartphone Application Antoinette Poulton
49 Not Like the Others: Preliminary Results from a Norms-Based Text-Message Intervention to Reduce University Students’ Drinking. Benjamin C. Riordan
50 A Portal Study to Test Orientation Week Pre-Gaming and its Relationship with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Benjamin C.
51 Intervening in the Moment: Text Message Interventions Aimed at Reducing University Students’ Alcohol Consumption Benjamin C.
52  Stress and Substance Use: A Review of the Literature and Guide for Practice and Intervention  Ann Roche
53 An International Review of Employee Assistance Programs: What Does the Future Hold? Ann
54 Alcohol and Other Drug Sector Workforce Development in Pacific Rim Countries: Drivers of Change and Ways Forward Ann
55 Hazardous Drinking and the Overlap with Recreational Drug Use: A Cross-Sectional Study of Gay and Bisexual Men in Melbourne, Australia. Kathleen  Ryan
56 The Influence of Alcohol on Sexual Risk among Gay, Bisexual and Other MSM in the Context of Drug Use. Kathleen 
57 The Alcohol Cultures Framework – Developing an Evidence Based Framework to Guide Public Health Action on Drinking Cultures Emma  Saleeba
58 Development of a Simple Tool for Identifying Alcohol Use Disorder in Korean Female Drinkers from Previous Questionnaires Yuri Seo
59 How Much Is How Much? Measurement of Alcohol Consumption in Longitudinal Studies of Ageing Janie  Sheridan
60 Behavioural Disinhibition Precedes Heavy Drinking in Young Adults  Janette  Smith 
61  Evaluation of Holyoake Group Programs for People Presenting With Alcohol and Other Drug Use  Robert  Tait
62 Knowledge On Caffeine Content Of Caffeinated Beverages Among Dutch Students  Joris  Verster
63  Mixing Alcohol With Cola Or Energy Drink: Does The Mixer Matter?  Joris 
64 Congeners And Alcohol Hangover: The Impact Of Methanol On Hangover Severity Joris 
65 Correlates of Transient versus Persistent Psychotic Symptoms among Dependent Methamphetamine Users Alexandra Voce
66  The Symptom Profile of Methamphetamine Psychosis: A Systematic Review  Alexandra
67  What Role Do Age and Mental Health Play in Substance Use Among LGB People?  Karen Webber
68 Near Real Time Sentinel Surveillance of Illicit Drug Harms  Genevieve  Whitlam
69 Developing a Smartphone-Based Intervention to Reduce the Consequences of Risky Drinking: A Formative, Participatory Study Cassandra Wright