Advanced Imaging Methods 2019
Sara Abrahamsson
Multifocus SIM and the challenge of live 3D super-resolution imaging
University of California, Santa Cruz
Hillel Adesnik
Three dimensional holographic optogenetics
University of California, Berkeley
Wolfgang Becker
The Multi-Dimensional World of TCSPC FLIM
Becker-Hickl, GmbH
Wolfgang Becker II
Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM with sub-25 ps IRF Width
Eric Betzig
Design of a multimodal “Swiss army knife” microscope for in vivo adaptive optical imaging of diverse specimens
University of California, Berkeley, and Janelia Research Campus, HHMI
Martin Booth
Advances in Dynamic Optics for Microscopy
University of Oxford
Lukas Braun
Assessment of clinically relevant metabolic parameters by TCSPC fluorescence lifetime imaging: A new approach with 1p-excitation on the DCS-120 Confocal FLIM System
Becker & Hickl GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Teng-Leong Chew
Janelia Advanced Imaging Center: Challenges and Impacts from Open Access on a Global Scale
HHMI Janelia Research Campus
Wonshik Choi
Simultaneous suppression of aberration and multiple scattering in optical coherence imaging
Korea University
Beth Cimini
Getting the most from your images with morphological profiling
Broad Institute
Carlo Condello
Fluorescent amyloid multiple emission spectra (FLAMES) microscopy to decipher structural variants of misfolded proteins
University of California, San Francisco
Sheel Dodani
Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Sensors to Illuminate Cellular Chloride Signaling
University of Texas at Dallas
Alfredo Dubra
Shack-Hartmann centroiding: back to basics
Stanford University
Kevin Eliceiri
The ImageJ Ecosystem: An Open and Extensible Platform for Biomedical Image Analysis
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Samantha Fore
ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM, a new Platform for Fast and Gentle 3D Superresolution Microscopy
Zeiss Microscopy
Ruixuan Gao
Scalable imaging of brain ultrastructure with molecular contrast and nanoscale resolution
MIT and Janelia Research Campus, HHMI
Galo Garcia
A super-resolution view of signaling through the cell's antenna
University of California, San Francisco
Thomas Gensch
Flavin-binding fluorescent proteins as genetically encoded photosensitizers
Forschungszentrum Juelich
Elizabeth Hillman
SCAPE microscopy for even faster in-vivo 3D microscopy
Columbia University
Na Ji
High-resolution high-speed recording of neural activity
University of California, Berkeley
0Karsten König
Multiphoton-FLIM-Tomography of Solar Cells
Julia Lazzari-Dean
Optical Quantification of Outer Membrane Voltage in Growth Factor Signaling
University of California, Berkeley
Yolanda Markaki
Quantitative 3D-SIM imaging of chromatin organisation; Insights into X-chromosome inactivation and formation of repressive nuclear compartments
University of California, Los Angeles
0Sabrina Matthias
Improving quantitative fluorescence imaging with flat field illumination
Dane Maxfield
Cellular Imaging with Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy: Ultra Gentle, High-Resolution Imaging of Living Samples
Cynthia McMurray
Spectral phenotyping by infrared light
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sohum Mehta
Fluorescent biosensors for multiplexed imaging of signaling activities in living cells.
University of California, San Diego
Yves Mely
Advanced imaging techniques to study the interactions and dynamics of viral and bacterial proteins
University of Strasbourg
Zachary Newman
Nanoscale structure-function analysis of synaptic transmission at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction
University of California, Berkeley
Medha Pathak
Piezo1 activation gains traction
University of California, Irvine
Ammasi Periasamy
Metabolic Mapping of Cancer cells and tissues - Multiphoton FLIM-FRET Microscopy
University of Virginia
Hesper Rego
Imaging a bacterial infection, one cell at a time
Yale University
Austin Roorda
Testing human vision in a cellular scale
University of California, Berkeley
Balázs Rózsa
Fast 3D imaging and re-activation of neuronal networks, dendrites, and spines in several cubic millimeter volumes in behaving animals to understand visual representation
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Angelika Rück
Basics and applications of metabolic FLIM and oxygen PLIM
University of Ulm
0Lydia Sauer
Shifted-Component Model Improves Ophthalmic FLIM Data Analysis
University of Utah
Johannes Schöneberg
Advanced methods in microscopy and solutions to the resulting big data challenges
University of California, Berkeley
Ben Shababo
High-throughput, cellular-resolution neural circuit mapping with two-photon optogenetics and computational experimental design
University of California, Berkeley
0Matthew Shaw
Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
Vladislav Shcheslavskiy
Time-resolved macroimaging and spectroscopy
Melissa Skala
Label-free Classification of T cell Activation
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Andrea Slade
Correlative Light Microscopy and AFM for Live Cell and Tissue Studies
Ellen Sletten
Flavylium polymethine fluorophores for imaging in the shortwave infrared
University of California, Los Angeles
Klaus Suhling
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) for viscosity and diffusion measurements
King's College London
Srigokul Upadhyayula
Imaging Subcellular Dynamics in Multicellular Organisms
Harvard Medical School
Steven Vogel
Venus(A206) dimers behave coherently at room temperature
National Institutes of Health
Winfried Wiegraebe
Mapping A Human Stem Cell State Space Using A Microscopy Pipeline
Allen Institute for Cell Science
Graham Wright
Probing the structure and function of the nucleus with 3D-SIM: Applications studying laminopathies and ageing
Skin Research Institute of Singapore, A*STAR
Ke Xu
Multifunctional & multidimensional super-resolution microscopy
University of California, Berkeley
Andrew York
Photobleaching and Stimulated Emission: Two Stories About New Imaging Tricks Using Old Photophysics
Calico Labs
0Elena Zagaynova
Multimodal optical imaging: MPT, FLIM, OCT MA, for label free clinical diagnosis
Institute of Biomedical Technologies
Maxim Ziatdinov
Deep machine learning for atom-resolved imaging
Oak Ridge National Laboratory