Advanced Imaging Methods 2019
Frequently asked questions

I didn’t register for any demonstrations, can I still attend some?

   Yes! There is no requirement to register for the demonstrations.

I can’t remember which demonstrations I signed up for.

   No worries. There is no need to sign up for the demonstrations. You may attend the ones you want to attend.
Where do I find the demonstrations? 
   The on-site demonstrations are in the Julia Morgan Room and the Venetian Room.  The off-site demonstrations are on campus. There is a map in your program, as well as one on the Location tab. 
Can I register on-site?
   Yes! But you must pay by cash or check on-site.
 I am a volunteer. Where do I go?
   Please check in at the registration desk with Feather or Judith or current registration volunteers. If you are a Timer, please meet your Session Chair and speakers during the (typically 30-min) break between sessions. This means you need to arrive 30 mins prior to the start of the session you will be timing. As a timer, you will also need to help the speakers with their computers and the microphone. The Session Chair will also help. 
 I am presenting a poster. Can I win a poster prize? 
   If you are a student, you are eligible to win a poster prize. Prizes will be awarded Friday PM after lunch.  
I am a vendor. When can I put up vendor table, equipment, etc.? 
You may setup either Tuesday, January 29, from 1-5PM, or Wednesday morning, January 30. Tables are first come, first serve. All vendors should be setup in time for the vendor fairs. Be sure to get a stamp and ink pad from Holly or Feather for the vendor cards, unless you have your own. Everything should be packed up by Friday afternoon. Please refer to the Sponsor Additional Information for more information on where to ship your equipment. 
 Where can I park?
   Please see Parking information on the LOCATION tab.