Advanced Imaging Methods 2019

Thanks to everyone for a great AIM2019! The speakers were amazing and animated, the sponsors were fun and enthusiastic, the audience was engaged and bigger than ever! Could not have done it without the help of the volunteers! Thanks, EVERYONE!!

About AIM 
The Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop (AIM) is the largest light microscopy conference on the west coast. Started in 2003 to introduce biological researchers to the possibility of time-resolved fluorescence imaging, AIM now includes sessions on many cutting-edge techniques and their applications in biology and medicine. Topics will include fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), adaptive optics, super resolution techniques and applications, high-content imaging, computational methods, optogenetic control and readout, and biological probe development, among other topics.

AIM is a full 3-day event with talks from internationally-renowned researchers from a wide variety of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and optics. Past speakers have included 5 Nobel Laureates: Roger Tsien, WE Moerner, Stephen Hell, Eric Betzig, and Steven Chu. In addition to invited talks, AIM also includes vendor shows with demonstrations on-site, off-site visits to the CRL Molecular Imaging Center and other campus research locations, as well as a popular poster session with beer, wine, and fine appetizers in the Julia Morgan Room at the Berkeley City Club. Light breakfast, gourmet lunches, coffee breaks, two vendor fairs with prizes, and evening receptions allow for plenty of interactions among participants.

AIM2019 Organizing Committee 2019: Holly Aaron, Wolfgang Becker, Eric Betzig, Meredith Calvert, Xavier Darzacq, Feather Ives, DeLaine Larsen, Evan Miller, Austin Roorda

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