4th WCO Global AEO Conference


ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) founded in 1976 is the largest government funded research institute in Korea, which strives to advance science by means of formulating innovative ideas; developing new techniques; and training professional individuals in the area of information telecommunications to ultimately enhance social and economic aspects of the modern society.


Our main functions are as follows:

Creation, Development and Dissemination of knowledge and technology required for the development in the field of information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting, and related convergence technology

Information security and Standardization of information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology

Training professionals in the field of science and technology

Technical consulting and providing technical information for the industry in the field of Information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology

Cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions in the field of Information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology.


Visit us at www.etri.re.kr



KAA (Korea AEO Association), a government-affiliated organization, has been founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization and designated as specialized AEO institution by government [Korea Customs Service].


Our main functions are as follows:

 Designated as an AEO Audit institution by Korea Customs Service, conduct customized AEO Preliminary Audit on whether the applicant satisfies the AEO security criteria

 Designated as an AEO Training Institution by Korea Customs Service, training and foster global professionals in the field of AEO

SME supports by means of providing Self-Test System and counselling AEO security criteria and managing AEO consulting institution

 Conduct In-depth research area focusing on AEO and hold AEO related events such as international conference, AEO best practice contest and etc

 Propose suggestions and related policy improvements to the government for developing AEO system,

 Regularly publish reports on domestic and foreign AEO information


Visit us at www.aeo.or.kr


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BARIER™ Border Protection System.

Started in 1989, ATERMES designs, and manufactures HiTech systems dedicated to monitor land or aquatic borders and sensitive areas with a fully mobile and autonomous tool.

BARIER™ (Beacon Autonomous Reconnaissance, Identification, Evaluation and Response) is a unique system worldwide to recon, identify and evaluate a threat.

With a network of autonomous robotized sentry beacons deployed in a few hours by a single vehicle and a crew of 2 to 3 people, BARIER™ allows to monitor the roughest terrain 24/7 with a small staff.

Depending on the terrain, BARIER™ can protect a front up to 40km width. Should the system be moved frequently, it is then possible to control quickly almost 200 km of border.

BARIER™ can be inter-connected with any other system, either infrastructure or drones for example.


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 We are passionate about developing innovative solutions using cutting edge global technology to ensure secure revenue collection for our customers.


SRS is centered on its Next Generation Trade Platform (SRS e-Trade) which is the flagship product featuring solutions for international trade, highlighting Advance Risk Profiling, Advance Cargo Information, Cargo Verification, Advance Declaration, Smart Tracking of Goods.


To enhance access control at the port and other sensitive areas, SRS offersSmart Biometric ID Cardsand Smart Detection Devices.


Our Solutions will help you plug revenue leakages, streamline processes in the Ports Environment, Customs Administration, Air Cargo Management and Cross-borders Operations.


By seamlessly connecting land borders to sea and air ports and integrating to disparate systems, we provide Government authorities with holistic intelligence into their national territory and plug revenue leakages.


For more information, visit: www.srsetrade.com


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Roofings Group has been actively manufacturing steel products in Uganda for over two decades now. With an experience of over 40years, Dr Sikander Lalani together with his team of professionals have worked tirelessly to ensure that the group of companies uphold the very best standards in their business processes which has without a doubt reflected on the world class quality products which the company offers to the market. The business philosophy of the company revolves around transparency, ethics and integrity, innovation, customer focus and value for money. The fact that Roofings Group is the market leader in the supply of steel and plastic products for construction, shows that the business model of Roofings Group has been tried and tested, which ensures that sustainability in the business is guaranteed for generations to come.


Roofings Group has 2 separate entities operating under its umbrella; Roofings Limited and Roofings Rolling Mills. Roofings Group is fully ISO certified in: Production and Marketing of Galvanized and Coloured roofing sheets (OHSAS 18001), Manufacturing of TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treated) High Tensile Bars (ISO 9001) and Manufacturing of hot dipped Galvanized wire (ISO 14001).


Roofings Manufacturing Limited is our newest member in the Roofings Family. RML is located in Kigali, Rwanda.


As the leading supplier of Steel and Plastic construction materials in the Market, we re-emphasize our group’s commitment to quality products, value for money and the development of quality standards plus ethical business practices in the region.


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Bolloré Transport & Logistics is the transport & logistics  division of the Paris listed Bolloré Group, with a global network of synergy and expertise in four main activities:

           Bolloré Logistics, a global freight forwarder & Logistics operator.

           Bolloré Ports, a leader in Port Terminal Management.

           Bolloré Energy, a major player in Oil distribution and Logistics.

           Bolloré railways, a Rail Concessions Operator of Reference in Africa.

Worldwide, we are located in 105 countries on 5 continents, with 36,000 employees engaged by 601 agencies. Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Uganda was incorporated in April 1968 and currently employs 300 employees with branches in Kampala, Entebbe and all border points across the country.

Our full range of services include;

           Multimodal Transport – Ocean freight, Airfreight, Rail, Road, Door to door.

           Customs & Regulatory compliance – Customs brokerage, consulting, cargo safety and security

           Logistics – Storage and value added services - CCTV, intrusion alarm, protection against fire, local distribution, reverse logistics, supply and distribution centres

           Global Supply chain – Lead logistics, Transport provider, global flow monitoring.

           Industrial Projects – Customized logistics solutions for large projects, specialized equipment, operational scheme and methods.

Throughout the world, we act in complete compliance with regulations and in accordance with our internal ethics charter to deliver to the best standards.




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Hariss International Limited is one of Uganda’s leading manufacturers of food and beverages. It was incorporated in 2005 with the main objective of manufacturing a wide range of products which include Biscuits, Natural Mineral water, Fresh fruit juice and Carbonated Soft & Energy drinks, under the brand name ‘RIHAM’.


Hariss International is located in the prime location at Plot 32 & 33, Bombo road, Kawempe, Kampala. It has embraced state of the art technology thus ensuring quality production. It has been recognized by multi local, and international regulatory authorities including but not limited to Uganda National Bureau of Standards and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


For more information, please visit www.rihamgroup.com



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Unifreight group of companies is a logistics company that was established in 1996 in Uganda. We have over 20 year of logistics experience and expertise. Our vision is to become first choice and trusted partner in providing logistics solutions. Our mission is to provide logistics services that will enable us deliver consistent value to client’s expectations while contributing to the wellbeing of people and environment. We are driven by four major values which are: professionalism, Integrity, responsibility and accountability.

The group is comprised of 3 companies.

1. Unifreight cargo handling LTD which specialized in customs clearing is a regional AEO and national AEO.

2. Unifreight Trucking services LTD which specializes in long distance haulage and also owns & manages own fleet of well-maintained trucks.

3. Unifreight CFS which is a terminal handling facility for Vehicles at Mombasa port.

Our services include:Customs Clearing,Ocean freight,Airfreight,Long distance Haulage,Groupage services,Terminal handling,Warehouse management,Distribution,consultancy




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About Movit Products Limited

Movit Products Limited (MPL) is a private Limited Company whose principal activity is to manufacture, distribute and sell Skin care, Hair and Nail care products.


The Company was incorporated in Uganda in 1997 but actual business did not begin until 1999. The Company was formed after careful assessment of the market, the community development needs, a feeling of being Uganda as well as after assessing the surging trends in the regional and global consumption habits.


Since its inception, the Company's activities have mainly revolved around the manufacturing of high quality skin and hair care products.


The Company's affairs are governed by the shareholders. There is Board of Directors which s charged with the task of policy formulation, setting goals and objectives for the Company. The Company also has a full time Management Team headed by the Managing Director supported by Directors and Heads of Departments.


Our Vision

To become the Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer in Africa.


Our mission

To Manufacture the Best Quality and affordable Cosmetics using cost effective measures, timely and effectively supply them.

Our core Values

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Hard work
  • Excellence
  • Customer focus



Currently, the Company has 3 brands, Movit, with Skin and Hair care products, Radiant established in 2012 with Hair Care products, Skin guard with anti bacterial Skin care products. The company has a cumulative 130 products with 230 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), which have been developed based on consumer demands.


Movit has over the years successfully innovated and introduced new cosmetic products, which are gaining much ground to become Africa’s preferred household Brands. In 2006, Movit Products Limited Ventured into the exports market with a pilot project in Tanzania that was successful and paved way for a fully flagged export agenda that has seen growth into Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan and Zambia though our products have also penetrated other countries beyond Africa without market commissioning.


In her 19 years of existence, Movit has won numerous national and international prestigious awards in recognition of her certified quality products and world-class customer service. The company has won the Uganda National Bureau of Standards Overall Quality standards award, People`s Choice awards, Consumer Preference awards, Kampala city traders Association (Kacita) Quality awards, Digital Impact Award Africa, Uganda Manufactures Association international exhibition Overall exhibitor awards, Rwanda International Exhibitor awards, Mwanza international Exhibitor awards, Nairobi International Exhibitor award among others. Movit has been ranked by Brand Africa as one of the most admired and valuable brands on the African Continent. Movit has since added the “Presidential export award 2016” to her prestigious achievements.


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Pearl Dairy was established with an aim to apply the best of science and product expertise to provide families with nutritionally enriched milk products. With the use of latest milk processing equipment and ultra-modern technology, Pearl Dairy strives to serve the society with various milk products such as UHT milk, Milk Powder, Ghee and Butter Oil, all sold under the brand names - LATO and VITO.


The team behind the brand constantly works to provide the consumer with an alternative to expensive western brands.



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Founded in 1952 with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, M+R Spedag Group has 77 branches with delegations on 5 continents.

In East Africa we operate under the name SPEDAG INTERFREIGHT and are the leading transport and Logistics Company in this region. In addition to the general cargo area, our day-to-day business also includes project logistics and the execution of heavy loads. Our own infrastructures include warehouses, transshipment terminals, container yards as well as our own truck fleets and railcars. Logistics connecting continents !


Current overview of Spedag Interfreight services include


  • Customs clearance
  • International airfreight services
  • International sea freight services
  • Project management and consulting
  • Warehousing and distribution services
  • Container depot handling Kenya\Uganda
  • Industrial verticals
  • Power and Energy Industry

  • Industrial and manufacturing plant

  • Construction and mining industry

  • Transport Industry (Rail Services)

  • Relief Goods

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Telecommunication


    Spedag Interfreight (U) Limited works together hand in hand with sister offices throughout the world and prides itself in offering services compliant within customs rules and regulations across borders while ensuring competent service delivery. This also explains why Spedag Interfreight (U) limited is both a Regional and National Authorized Economic Operator.




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