8th International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research

Theme 1: Operational Forecasting and Communicating Impacts
Presentations and posters are solicited describing recent progress in operational air quality forecasting and experiences transitioning research to operations; research to improve the services provided by air quality forecasters; and, research to improve the accuracy and/or usefulness of local air quality forecasting efforts especially in the areas of urban and high-resolution air quality forecasting and forecasting during forest fire events.

Theme 2: Emissions Forecasting

Presentations and posters are solicited that discuss the progress, challenge and future of anthropogenic and natural emissions data for air quality modelling, especially those efforts that are targeted to high spatial resolution modelling in urban environments, forest fire modelling and the use of near real-time datasets.

Theme 3: Data Assimilation and Evaluation/Post-Processing
Presentations and posters are solicited describing the integration of real-time in-situ and satellite data for air quality forecasts, retrospective objective analyses, emission inversion, error covariance, and emerging techniques in chemical data assimilation. Posters and papers are also solicited in the areas of analysis and post-processing of air quality forecast model results.

Theme 4: Interactions between Meteorology and Air Quality Prediction
Presentations and posters are solicited which focus on interactions of meteorological and air quality prediction especially in urban areas and during forest fires.

Theme 5: Urban and High-Resolution Air Quality Modelling
Presentations and posters are solicited describing research to improve prediction of air quality in urban environments, at high spatial resolution and where forest fires occur at the urban interface. This includes research that focuses on the unique challenges of operational implementation, episodic pollution events, and forecast evaluation and verification.

Theme 6: Special session on the 2015 PanAm/ParaPanAm Games Legacy Dataset Release
Presentations and posters related to this campaign are solicited on the following topics:
  • Description of meteorological and air quality datasets generated in the Greater Toronto Area during the 2015 PanAm/ParaPanAm Games.
  • Description of the current process analyses underway and studies validating the development of high resolution, urban-scale modelling systems.
  • Description of the real-time environmental forecasting experiences and health-related analyses underway for case study periods during the Games.

Note: The program component of the workshop will be offered in English only.