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Advertising Database® provides and verifies marketing contacts for 10,000+ top-spending U.S. brands, and the agencies they work with. It also supplies each brand's ad spend, campaign timing, target demographics, research tools, and other planning data., an online platform, is a valued and easy-to-navigate prospecting tool used by thousands of digital and traditional media companies, research firms, and agency teams to quickly reach marketing decision makers. Advertising Database® is also a trusted partner of the ARF, 4A’s, ANA, IAB, and MMA. Learn more, and get a free trial account at

Affectiva is the leader in delivering consumer emotion insights on a global scale. Through Affdex, facial coding software, the company delivers cost-effective, scalable emotion analytics to Fortune 500 companies, market research agencies, creative agencies and entertainment and media publishers. Based on the world's largest emotion metrics database, Affdex has become the standard for real-world accuracy and relevance in consumer insights.

AIP Corporation (a member of the Rakuten family of companies – now with the Largest Online Panel in Japan) is the Tokyo based provider of proprietary Online Panels for Market Research Data Collection covering – Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and The Philippines. We provide other products & services – to name a few – programming, hosting, localization, translation, a twice monthly Omnibus as well as expertise in mixed methodology data collection.

Analytics Quotient (AQ), is a data analytics & consulting firm and we work with our clients on projects in the areas of statistical/ framework based analysis, building custom dashboards or support routine reporting.

The CBS VISION Media Research Lab offers a distinct value in the research marketplace. Get a preview ofCBS’ work in the Television City research lab as well as an introduction to the CPA – Campaign Performance Audit. Learn how television advertising, done right, is the most effective marketing medium.

CivicScience provides the InsightStore™ enterprise platform for accessing real-time insights from 30 million+ consumers. Our solution lets you discover and analyze unexpected and timely insights on consumer awareness, sentiment, segmentation, and trends. CivicScience is used by clients in media, consumer goods, retail, financial services, insurance, and more.

For over a decade, Converseon has been a recognized global leader in providing advanced social intelligence and consulting solutions to leading brands. It recently scored highest overall in the industry for its consulting/research (5 out of 5 score), data processing and sentiment analysis in the Forrester Wave Q1 2014, Enterprise Social Listening. Its Revealed Context subsidiary provides award winning text analytics solutions that transform raw social listening data into meaningful and actionable insights.

For over a decade, CoolTool is the 1st and only cloud-based marketplace for market research. It is your one-stop solution for all things market research. At CoolTool we have incorporated research technologies, research methodologies, as well as access to target groups and various research services from industry professionals into one online platform. Whether you are a research buyer, market research agency or freelance consultant, CoolTool marketplace allows you to buy and sell any MR-related service. But beyond that, with CoolTool you can now run entire projects online from start to finish – without compromising on your standards. We’ve put a multitude of powerful tools at your disposal. Our collaborative, easy-to-use platform allows you to do absolutely everything, from creating stunning professional surveys to running affordable eye tracking tests at $299. All this with the ease and efficiency of cloud-computing. Start you brand new research life with CoolTool.

For over a decade, eContext is the world’s deepest commercial taxonomy for audience definition and development. Map social data, click stream, content, search queries – any short and long form text – to 450,000 categories for consistent cross-channel measurement and truly universal analysis. Enrich your brand’s story by providing context to the metrics that matter most.

FocusVision is the first company to provide integrated, global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market research. The company has specialized in research facility video streaming since it was founded in 1990, and has grown to offer best-in-class solutions in webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software and mobile device usability studies, as well as a robust survey programming and reporting platform to its product lineup. With offices in the U.S., UK, Bulgaria, Brazil and Singapore, It now provides qualitative and quantitative solutions for every aspect of an organization’s research practice.

Forbes Consulting is a strategic and innovative market research company providing global clients with deeper levels of insight about emotions and motivations - and helping them gain strategic market advantage on the strength of these insights. In its 28-year history, Forbes Consulting Group has become a valued resource for Fortune 500 companies with a focus on CPG, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Advertising. Our service portfolio combines qualitative and quantitative research, consultation and ideation, and 2 flagship products that capture emotional insight: MindSight® Motivational Profiling, and MindSight® Experiential Discovery.

Google Consumer Surveys is a market research tool that enables researchers to easily create online and mobile surveys in order to help make more informed business decisions. Google aggregates the responses and insights are automatically created. Google Consumer Surveys is currently available in the US, UK, CA, AU, DE, NL, IT, and JP.

InfoScout's real-time insights make brands better marketers by providing the industry's largest, richest, and most actionable source of household purchase information, by item, across all retailers. Leading consumer goods including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Frito-Lay leverage InfoScout's data and analytics to measure and improve market share, brand loyalty, and the success or new product launches through a better understanding of the "why behind the buy."

Innerscope Research is the leading Integrated Consumer Neuroscience company applying the broadest range of cutting-edge research technologies to secure the most complete consumer understanding. Measuring emotions predictive of behavior, Innerscope Research empowers clients with insights that deepen brand connections and drive sales.

Invoke’s large-scale focus groups™ combine qualitative perspectives with sample sizes typically found in quantitative studies. Clients gather to watch the research unfold in real-time as Invoke highlights key data points, identifies themes in the verbatims, conducts 1:1 chats, and inserts probing questions. This collaboration empowers brands to generate more ideas and make confident decisions.

We make research easy. Quality-seeking researchers, marketers and brands choose Lightspeed GMI as their trusted global partner for digital data collection. Our innovative technology, proven sampling methodologies and operational excellence facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior.

Luth Research has been a market research leader since 1977 and continues to make groundbreaking advancements in next generation customer intelligence. Powered by ZQ Intelligence which passively captures the digital journeys of consumers across devices, Luth creates the innovative technology and research methods required for businesses to thrive. From survey research to passively tracking digital behavior, Luth blends research expertise with proprietary data collection resources to offer unmatched customer insights.

Marketing Systems Group provides innovative products and services designed specifically for the survey research industry. Products include: GENESYS Sampling, which provides full service sampling capabilities; PRO-T-S, a research predictive dialing system; and ARCS, a Panel Management, Web/IVR recruiting system.

Founded by Dr. Duane Varan, MediaScience is the thought leader in redefining consumer research. We differentiate ourselves by bringing the discipline of true science to media and marketing research. Deriving our insights using a method-agnostic approach, we take the best from traditional research and leverage the most advanced neuroscience tools to understand the consumer holistically. MediaScience’s Beyond :30 consortium also partners with Fortune 100 companies to address the most pressing issues facing the industry today.

MFour is the leader in mobile market research. With proven mobile research methodologies, and the highest rated survey app, we drive results for your brand. We provide the deepest consumer insights at the Point-of-Emotion® that can be used to optimize your business and achieve your company’s goals. Whether you are looking to improve sales, branding efforts, customer service, processes, or its overall strategy, MFour can help attain actionable consumer insights necessary to make the right decisions.

Neuro-Insight is a market leader in Neuromarketing: Our Scientifically and Commercially validated SST technology is the state-of-the-art solution for brands, media companies and content developers seeking true granular and passive insights into the true value of content and context.

Phoenix Marketing understands that the creation of best-in-class advertising is a blend of art and science. Partnering with leading national brands and their agencies, Phoenix delivers research-driven insights that inform creative development and allocation decisions across all media channels

Pointlogic is a leader in software and analytics to improve marketers’ ROI. We offer a suite of solutions supporting the entire marketing process - Pointlogic’s Effectiveness Link. It’s organized in five different stages: Business, Brand, Communication, Activation and Evaluation.

Precision Opinion is the most trusted name in market research. Their reputation has been built on quality data retrieved through their phone room and focus facility. Now, that quality is brought to the mobile world with their new tool, YouSay!

ProdegeMR, the world's leading people powered influence network, has been delivering high-quality online sample since 2009 from its own self-sourced panel. With over 11+ million members and growing, ProdegeMR's unparalleled reach and deep member profiling provides market researchers access to a wide variety of respondents, including many difficult to find, low-incidence groups. ProdegeMR's unique recruitment method has built a highly responsive and sought-after double opt-in global panel to support your market research needs.

Quality Online Research (QOR) has established a large Nationally Representative panel built to match the US Census. It uses factual physical address, demographics and geoTribe segmentation to do so. geoTribes allows for better matching of consumers to population and deeper insights. Sampling you can trust, with quotas and weighting by more than just demographics ensures validity and consistency. Competitive pricing for highest quality and a 30% ARF Conference discount.

Qualtrics is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the provider of the world's leading insight platform. 7,000 enterprises worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 business schools rely on Qualtrics technology. Our solutions make it fast and easy to capture customer, employee, and market insights in one place. These insights help our clients make informed, data-driven business decisions. Global enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies use Qualtrics to collect, analyze, and act on voice of the customer, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, 360-degree reviews, brand, market, product concept, and employee feedback.

Research Now Group, Inc., headquartered in Plano, Texas, is the global leader in digital data collection to power analytics and insights. It enables data-driven decision making for clients who listen to and interact with the world’s consumers and business professionals through Research Now’s online panels, as well as mobile, digital and social media technologies. The company operates in 38 countries, from 24 offices across the globe, and is recognized as the market research industry’s leader in quality, scale and customer satisfaction

Rhiza makes Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople. Create a polished, data-driven marketing presentation in minutes with our SaaS platform. Customers like Comcast, Cox Media and CoxReps use the Rhiza platform to visualize, analyze and share information derived from disparate data sets, delivering detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insight.

SEEK is an innovation consultancy. ​We deliver innovation from empathic insight for the world's most visionary brands. ​We use human understanding and creativity to help brands ​transform themselves. Empathy is at the core of our unconventional work because it is the ​most effective path to ​sustainable​ innovation. With offices in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati & San Francisco, SEEK has ​been privileged to ​work with over 400 of the top brands globally.

SoapBoxSample offers a fresh approach to online research. From full study design and analysis to technology testing and mobile research, we offer a variety of solutions. SoapBoxSample is a leader in new techniques including Passive Metering, Geo-Fencing and App based research design.

SURVEY is a uniquely positioned publishing company that connects with over 110,000 business leaders around the world. We provide Customized Media Solutions for business-to-business (B2B) partners to enhance their content marketing strategies, messaging, and lead generation efforts globally. Our digital magazine, SURVEY, is a monthly digital and print publication that enlightens, educates and inspires business professionals on the values of market research and intelligent data gathering.

thinqonline is a software and solutions provider focused on delivering best of breed technologies for research agencies and enterprise insight programs. Representing the NEBU and Intellex product lines, thinqonline can facilitate the most fit for purpose deployment of software solutions to deliver superior business results. Providing value-added software and project services, thinqonline is focused on helping companies reach their business goals.

Toluna is a pioneer in the dynamic world of market research, data collection, reporting and visualization. Toluna introduced the world’s largest social voting community where people have fun and feel valued while expressing their views. For brands, this leads to deeper, richer insights that inform the important decisions they make to strengthen their businesses.

The University of Georgia & MRII offer three online MR certificate courses designed to teach the Marketing Research Core Body of Knowledge MRCBOK©. The Principles of Mobile Marketing Research is new self-paced course explores emerging mobile techniques and how they can be applied to market research. ARF is a proud supporter of the Principles programs offers insights and best practices to improve the effectiveness of your advertising and media investment. Let Warc connect you to proven approaches so you can increase advertising ROI and grow your business. Warc: When you know, you grow

ZappiStore uses technology to make industry-leading market research much faster and more cost-effective. This enables clients to generate insights which fuel their businesses in a matter of hours, bringing the consumer into the business process earlier and more often. Our partnership model allows us to build a combination of our own products, custom products to align with client KPI’s and products that are powered by industry leading agencies including Millward Brown, Tonic, MMR, TNS and an ever growing list of partners!