1st Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS)

1 Brain & Development 
a Brain & Development - Early developmental care
b Brain & Development - Neonatal Brain Injury and Neuroprotection
c Brain & Development - Neurodevelopmental Outcome
d Brain & Development - Pain and stress
e Brain & Development - Placenta and prenatal factors
f Brain & Development - Structural and Functional Brain Imaging
2 Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology
a Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Microcirculation and oxygen transport
b Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Organ blood flow and autoregulation
c Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Pulmonary Hypertension
d Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Systemic circulation and cardiac output
e Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Transfusion and volume therapy
f Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematologyt - Placenta and prenatal factors
3 Epidemiology
a Epidemiology - Early origins of adult disease
c Epidemiology - Genetically defined risk
d Epidemiology - Host responses and early diagnosis of infection
e Epidemiology - Nosocomial infection and colonization
4 Ethics
a  Ethics and limitations to care
5 Nutrition and gastroenterology 
a Nutrition and gastroenterology - Breast feeding
b Nutrition and gastroenterology - Metabolism
c Nutrition and gastroenterology - Micronutrients
d Nutrition and gastroenterology - Necrotising Enterocolitis
e Nutrition and gastroenterology - Nutrition of the Very Preterm
f Nutrition and gastroenterology - Obesity and risk factors for cardiovascular disease
g Nutrition and gastroenterology - Perinatal growth
6 Pharmacology 
a Pharmacology - Good Clinical practice - in practice
b Pharmacology - Pharmacokinetics in the newborn period
c Pharmacology - Testing medicines in children
7 Pulmonology 
a Pulmonology - Apnea and respiratory control
b Pulmonology - Delivery room management
c Pulmonology - Long-term lung function
d Pulmonology - Lung injury
e Pulmonology - Mechanical ventilation
f Pulmonology - Surfactant 
g Pulmonology - Non-invasive ventilation
h  Pulmonology- Placenta and prenatal factors
8 Other 
a Other - Involvement of parents in care
b Other - Neonatal Transportation
c Other - Medical Education and Training
d Other - NICU design and Family centres care
e Other - Organization of perinatal care
f Other - Quality improvement and Safety and Error Prevention
g Other - Miscellanea