1st Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS)


Abstract will be published on the UENPS Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM)

10 Scholarships for the best 10 abstracts

The European Society for Paediatric Research and the European Society for Neonatology in accordance with their constitutional aims to promote paediatric and neonatal research and post-graduate training in Europe will appoint 

10 scholarships for the best 10 abstracts

 Each scholarship will include:

·        Free Registration at the jENS Meeting

·        € 700,00

General overview

We welcome abstracts on all topics of relevance for paediatric research or for clinical practice in neonatology. We will host a program that includes basic science, epidemiology, clinical investigation, trials, organisation of care, quality improvement, and professional training and education.

Every abstract will be peer-reviewed. The reviewers are appointed by ESN Council, the ESPR sections (Brain and Development, Pulmonology, Circulation, Oxygen Transport and Haematology Nutrition and Gastroenterology, Epidemiology, Pharmacology, Other) and UENPS. Please try to fit your abstract into one of the specific topics. This will help us making an interesting conference programme.

We will accept all well-written abstracts that have a general interest regarding the topic in question, the methodology, or the results. In particular we welcome abstracts reporting on the process of large clinical trials of methodological interest, such as clinical protocols, ethical or organisational issues, pilot data, quality control, or plans for statistical analysis.

The decision on acceptance and the preliminary program will be made by the scientific committee during their meeting on June, year. Final acceptance depends on registration for the conference by one of the authors.

All accepted abstracts must be presented and discussed. There will be two formats. Oral presentation will consist of 10 minutes presentation and 5 min discussion. Poster presentation will consist of 2 min for presentation and 3 min for discussion. Furthermore, posters must hang during the entire conference for reference and ad hoc discussion.

Submission guidelines

Please note that the abstract needs to be structured, and to include the following sections:

a) Introduction - 700 characters including spaces

b) Materials and Methods - 800 characters including spaces

c) Results - 900 characters including spaces

d) Conclusion - 450 characters including spaces

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Case reports constitute an exception to this, and these should include the following sections:

a) Introduction-  700 characters including spaces

b) Case report - no limits

c) Conclusion - 450 characters including spaces

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