MedAxiom Spring 2015 Conference
Exclusive Conference Takeaways: Printed and Customized Reports

The MedAxiom Spring Conference is just weeks away and the timing couldn't be better. Medicare recently announced it is moving its payment system from volume to value, but what does the value-based reimbursement landscape mean for you and your cardiovascular program and how does it tie into your performance? The truth is value-based medicine is here, and your performance, and your hospital's performance, directly impact your compensation and access to patients. The change from volume to value is complex but it doesn't have to be confusing. MedAxiom Spring Conference attendees will receive the data and participate in the discussions that bring insight and clarity to these issues.

Take the 30-minute MedXcellence Assessment Now to Receive your Results in April

MedXcellence is a new CV program performance and value assessment; it provides an individualized roadmap with actionable steps for program improvement. MedXcellence is a fast, easy and powerful survey—those who respond by March 20th (Extended!) March 25th will receive a customized report at the conference, and we’ll be discussing the results during the intimate, non-competing group Pod sessions as well. If you would like to be a part of this discussion with your group’s results, you need to take 20-30 minutes and fill out the survey link that was provided to your practice in an email that was sent to you the week of March 2-6.


Submit Annual Survey Data by March 20th

All MedAxiom groups are asked to submit their 2014 data for the Annual Survey by next week; we will be discussing the results of the data at the Spring 2015 Conference. To receive your customized report, please submit your data by March 20, 2015. If you need any help in filling out the survey, please contact Christine Matzke, who will walk you or your staff through the process: Christine Matzke, 904-372-2987,

Also for the Spring Conference: MedAxiom will be analyzing for our members the new Hospital Compare Performance data and each group will receive a customized copy of the report.