Annual Meetings 2021 hosted by AAR & SBL

We are pleased to announce the Virtual-Only Sessions portion of the Annual Meetings 2021, hosted by AAR & SBL.  The Virtual-Only Sessions registration will provide: 

  • Access to the many SBL and AAR virtual and recorded sessions, which will be accessible through our mobile app and virtual platform through January 31, 2022. 
  • Access to any recorded sessions and pre-recorded presentations, available through the mobile app and online planner through January 31, 2022.
  • Access to participating Virtual Other Events.
  • Access to all Exhibitor Listings, which will include special virtual discounts for new books in the field!  Many exhibitors will also host special virtual publisher events. 
For a list of all of the current virtual sessions available, we urge you to go to the Online Planner, available here or on the Annual Meetings Mobile App.
Do you want to attend the Annual Meetings 2021 virtually but have questions before registering?  Please go here.
Are you attending the Annual Meetings 2021 Virtual-Only Sessions, but have questions about how to participate?  Please go here.
Are you a presenter for a Virtual Session and have questions?  Please go here.
Are you a Presider or Program Unit Chair for a Virtual Session and have questions?  Please go here.