Annual Meetings 2021 hosted by AAR & SBL
Dates Member Student* Spouse / Partner**
Affiliate/RSO Non-Member
Early Bird
Open - July 29
$210 $80 $145 $230 $395
July 30-
September 23
$290 $120 $195 $315 $550
Late September 24-November 23 $400 $180 $275 $425 $765

Dates Member Student* Spouse / Partner**
Affiliate Non-Member
Early Bird
Open - July 29
$140 $50 N/A $165 $275
July 30-
September 23
$220 $75 N/A $245 $350
Late September 24-November 23 $330 $100 N/A $355 $475
Registration deadlines are in effect through the end of the day (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time). After this day they will increase an additional $50 so please make sure to register before the deadline date.
*Student rates are available to SBL and AAR student members only. 
**Accompanying person rate is for spouses, partners, and family members only; it is not valid for colleagues.
To review the SBL/AAR Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 statement please go here.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel and receive a 100% refund, all cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by October 21, 2021. Cancellation requests received after October 21, 2021 will be charged a $40 administrative fee.

Please send meeting cancellation requests to There are no refunds for tours. Registrations, tours, or workshops cannot be switched to another person’s name. Proof of payment may be required.

Hotel reservations may be added or changed within the registration system through October 21, 2021. After October 21, please email us at for instructions, or follow the updated instructions listed on our website here.

When booking transportation (flights, trains, etc.) we recommend that you check all cancellation policies and related fees. Details on U.S. travel restrictions can be found on the U.S. Department of State website

Registration Modifications: To update your contact information click on the registration modification link found in your confirmation email. If you would like to add workshops or an accompanying person, please contact the AAR or SBL Registration Bureau for assistance. Any changes to your accompanying person's organization will also have to be made through the AAR or SBL Registration Bureau directly.
Visa Letters 
International Attendees
It is necessary for those entering the United States to clear customs and immigration. Visitors from Canada and Mexico must present a passport in order to enter the United States. Visitors from the 38 countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program must have an e-Passport (embedded with an electronic chip) in order to skip the visa process. Please be prepared. Non–U.S. citizens should inquire about possible visa requirements from their own country.  
Official letters of invitation to the Annual Meeting to support visa applications are available, but you must register first in order to receive one. Please indicate during registration in the “Letter of Invitation” portion if you would like to request a letter. . If you have questions, you may e-mail or after you have completed registration to obtain more details about the information required.
Please note that the AAR and SBL will fully refund registration fees with no penalty to AAR and SBL members in good standing whose visa applications are denied or who are otherwise restricted from entering the United States. For full refund, members must provide a copy of the visa rejection or other written proof of travel restriction.
NIE Program

The U.S. State Department has been offering expanded National Interest Exceptions (NIEs) for certain citizens of specific countries who want to enter the U.S. for a variety of purposes, but who might otherwise be barred currently due to the pandemic. One category provides specific exceptions for academics. While in the past an academic might have needed a J-1 visa to enter the US, for this NIE option a standard passport that has an ESTA visa capability will suffice.

Here are some quick questions/answers about this program:

1) What is the NIE program?

National Interest Exceptions for Certain Travelers from China, Iran, India, Brazil, South Africa, European countries in the Schengen Area, United Kingdom, and Ireland (

2) What countries are eligible for this program?

China, Iran, Brazil, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and European countries in the Schengen Area.

3) My country is not listed there. Does this apply to me?

No. If your country is not among those listed, it is not restricted by the Presidential proclamations. You should follow the normal procedures for obtaining permission to travel to the United States.

4) How do I apply?

Like most US bureaucratic policies, there is no single central office handling these requests. Rather, you need to apply directly through the consulate in the country where you live. The good news is that many of these consulates has a direct email for the NIE program. That email address, along with the websites listed below, can provide information on how to apply. In most cases, you simply need to answer some questions about why you think you qualify and provide your passport info. If approved, the NIE will be automatically connected to your passport/ESTA visa. Please see below for contact info for specific countries.

5) How long does this process take?

While it may take two to four weeks in some cases, a few people have told us it only takes a few days. We strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible if you would like to pursue this option.

6) Is there a cost to apply for an NIE?

Not for the NIE application itself. Visa fees may still apply if the NIE is approved.

7) Do I need to quarantine when I get to the US?

At the moment, no. However, like many things connected to this pandemic, this might change. You home country may impose quarantine requirements for traveler returning from the United States.

8) Will I still need to provide a negative COVID test before boarding a flight to the US?

Yes. Regardless of whether or not you have an NIE, should you wish to board an international flight in either direction, you would have to take and provide proof of a negative COVID test at your own expense.

9) Do I need to be vaccinated to enter the US?

As of right now, being vaccinated is not a requirement for travel to the United States. However, if it is possible for you to be vaccinated we strongly recommend that you do so.

10) Can AAR or SBL help me with this process?

Neither AAR nor SBL cannot initiate or assist directly with the application process. Should you need any sort of official documentation for your application confirming your participation in the Annual Meeting, we will be happy to provide it.

Please note: AAR and SBL cannot make any guarantees as to your approval by this program. As each request is handled independently by each consulate, there is a chance that one country/consulate might approve the request, while another will not. We have no jurisdiction in this area. Travel policies continue to change regularly so it is always recommended to check with the embassy or consulate in your country about any travel restrictions before you leave. We strongly recommend that you get travel insurance that covers COVID-related issues such as quarantines, sickness, etc., even if you are approved, in the case of any last-minute issues.

List of NIE websites and emails (when available) by country:




















South Africa U.S. Mission South Africa - National Interest Exception Request Form ( NIESouthAfrica@state.govt





Members in Iran should contact the embassy or consulate that they regularly contact when traveling to the United States.

If your country does not appear on this list, please search the internet for the name of your country plus “national interest exception.”