2013 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning

Learn to Tell an Exceptional Story - Kevin Kling is 2013 NCPP Keynote

Charitable planners know that tales of tax benefits come and go with political fashion, but tales of legacy live on. Storytelling--more than "messaging" or "branding" or "metrics"--help us make the emotional link between donors and the work of charitable organizations. Minneapolis native and famous author, playwright, and teller of tales, Kevin Kling, will share how to weave hints of gratitude, passion, obligation, and hope into the tale of one person's impact in the world.

Opening Dinner with Kevin Kling
Tuesday, October 15
6:30-8:30 p.m.

About Kevin Kling
Best known for his popular commentaries on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and his storytelling stage shows like Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log, Kling delivers hilarious, often tender stories. Kling’s autobiographical tales are as enchanting as they are true to life: hopping freight trains, getting hit by lightning, performing his banned play in Czechoslovakia, growing up in Minnesota, and eating things before knowing what they are.

Elaine Eberhart
Associate Chair of Gift Planning
Mayo Clinic
"Kevin Kling shared his stories with a group of Mayo Clinic development officers at our annual retreat in June 2013. In the moment, we were delighted. We laughed until we cried, and then we edged closer to hear stories that moved beyond laughter to touch tender places in each of us. After Kevin’s performance, we thought about the power of stories in relating the mission of Mayo Clinic—how telling stories could help us describe what has been and inspire our benefactors to dream with us about what could be.

Yep, I’m that PPP conference participant who quickly finishes dinner and slips back to my room (or the bar) before the keynote speaker begins. If you are that person, too, reconsider this year."

Closing Luncheon

Charitable Planning Post-ATRA—A SWOT Analysis

Panelists: Reynolds Cafferata, Laura Hansen Dean, Cynthia Krause and Jay Steenhuysen

After years of uncertainty, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 established a permanent federal estate tax exemption that means all but the largest estates will now pass to beneficiaries tax-free. With less than 1% of estates facing federal wealth transfer taxes, planners need to begin thinking outside the box for the remaining 99% of estates. How can clients and donors benefit family and charities in unique ways appropriate for them, without the necessary burdens of qualified vehicles?

PPP’s Leadership Institute has been exploring the frontier of non-qualified planning. In the closing plenary, a panel of top planners will help you identify the threats and opportunities in post-ATRA philanthropy, and the strengths and weaknesses in your pre-ATRA planning skill set. You’ll leave the conference with specific strategies for discussing charitable giving with donors who are planning in a whole new world.