2013 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning

Minneapolis is a city of surprises. Her history, art, culture and beauty are marvels that must be experienced rather than witnessed. Nature meets skyscrapers, blending together to create unique sights and attractions that can only be experienced in Minneapolis. 
World-class museums. Breathtaking architecture. More theater seats per capita than any U.S. city outside New York. Minneapolis has become a premier destination for arts lovers.
Minneapolis is the American Fitness Index’s “Fittest City in America.” Lakes galore, the most bike-friendly city in the nation, a park every six blocks and four professional sports teams guarantee that your visit to Minneapolis will be active.
Shopping in Minneapolis is unlike anywhere else in the country. This is home to the country's trendiest discount retailer and the largest shopping complex in the country. But Target and the Mall of America are just the beginning of the story. Here, you'll find a combination of ambitious young designers, funky neighborhood boutiques, fabulous neighborhoods, major retailers and big malls. 
With four distinct seasons and dozens of international culinary traditions, Minneapolis restaurants offer farm-to-table experiences you won't find anywhere else.
Green isn't just a concept in Minneapolis; it's a lifestyle. As one of MSN's "World's Cleanest Cities," every aspect of daily life strives uphold this belief. They bike instead of drive. The transit system is eco-friendly. They harness rain through rain gardens and green roofs. Restaurants are sustainable and earth-friendly by using ingredients grown in Minneapolis.