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Conference Registration Sponsor - Bud Systems

Bud Systems – Powering Apprenticeship Delivery

Bud is a complete end-to-end software platform that supports every aspect of apprenticeship delivery. It brings together enrolment, programme creation, learning delivery, e-portfolio, reporting and funding management into a single system.

Designed by industry experts on a foundation of simplicity, compliance and consistency, it is a complete system that supports our clients in the delivery of exceptional training.

It’s been purpose built for Apprenticeships and because it’s a single end-to-end system, it avoids the costs and inefficiencies of using multiple systems.

Bud enables paperless delivery and its in-built automation and workflow, supports efficient and compliant ways of working. It has a modern, intuitive learner interface and a structured approach to programme creation and delivery that truly engages learners and maximises success rates.

watch: BUD - Transforming Apprenticeship Delivery

visit: email: call: 0117 4400 300 follow: @wearebud

Conference Writing Pads Sponsor - The Data Group

Welcome to The Data Group and the Tracker MI System. Tracker is a modern and reliable, feature rich, secure system supported by a great friendly team of ILR and data experts. Tracker is integrated with iPEGS electronic forms – incoming form data goes straight into the ILR and the signatures are recorded in the evidence store.

Tracker is ideal for Apprenticeship, AEB, ESF and Adult Learning for prime contractors and subcontractors. Tracker is currently running the ILR data for some of the country’s largest ESFA funded contracts with tens of thousands of learners and hundreds of subcontractors. ILR and supplementary data is usually submitted to the ESF error free.

Tracker can be used for the full process
enquiry->application->enrolment->claim->EPA->certification->contract close.

visit: email: call: 01794 525070

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