BSC 2019

Thursday 7th February 2019

Session 2: Satellite Symposium organised by Novartis

Sense of Urgency in CHF: Is there any barrier to optimize therapy of NYHA II patients?

Pierre Troisfontaines – CHR Citadelle Liège, BE
Michel De Pauw - Ghent University Hospital, BE
Back to the future: Key learnings in the treatment of heart failure
Jean-Luc Vachiery - Erasme University Hospital, BE
Panel discussion: Hyde Park speaker's corner - Burning issues in implementing HF therapies
Jean-Luc Vachiery - Erasme  University Hospital, BE
Michel de Pauw  - UZ Ghent, BE
Pierre Troisfontaines - CHR Citadelle Liège, BE

Session 5: Satellite Symposium organised by Servier

How evidence based is your medicine in cardiovascular risk management anno 2019?

Luc Missault - AZ Sint-Jan Bruges, BE
Patrizio Lancellotti - CHU Sart Tilman, BE
Philippe Van de Borne - Erasme Hospital Brussels, BE

From guidelines to evidence-based clinical practice
Krzystof Narkiewicz - Medical University of Gdansk, PL

Are all diuretics equivalent?
Claudio Borghi - University of Bologna, IT

Bradykinine and cardiovascular protection
Arnaud Ancion - CHU Sart Tilman, BE

Lunch Session 7: Satellite Symposium organised by Boehringer Ingelheim

The changing face of cardiovascular risk management

Rik Willems - UZ Leuven, BE
Georges Mairesse - Cliniques du Sud Luxembourg, BE

Anticoagulation, bringing it all together in clinical practice
Peter Sinnaeve – UZ Leuven, BE

Past, present & future of SGLT2-inhibitors
Thomas Vanassche - UZ Leuven, BE

Georges Mairesse - Cliniques du Sud Luxembourg, BE

Session 9: Satellite Symposium organised by Bayer

From atrial fibrillation to stable coronary and peripheral arterial disease: how to optimize anticoagulation treatment for high risk patients?

Peter Sinnaeve - UZ Leuven, BE
Patrizio Lancellotti - CHU Sart Tilman, BE

Are NOACS a better treatment option for AF-patients with (declining) chronic kidney function?
Rogier Caluwé - OLV Aalst, BE

When to combine antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents?
Christophe Beauloye - UCL St-Luc, BE

Friday 8th February 2019

Session 14: Satellite Symposium organised by Astra Zeneca

The trilogy of patients at high cardiovascular risk

Patrick Coussement - AZ Sint-Jan Brugge, BE
Sofie Gevaert - UZ Gent, BE

Identification and etiology of high risk CV patients: the prologue
Johan De Sutter - AZ Maria Middelares Gent, BE

Diabetes and ACs: the CV risk continues
Walter Desmet - UZ Leuven, BE

Diabetes and Heart Failure: the epilogue
Christophe Beauloye - UCL St-Luc, BE

Session 16: Satellite Symposium organised by Vifor Pharma

Iron deficiency and hyperkalemia in chronic heart failure: changing the paradigm

Walter Droogne - UZ Leuven, BE
Anne-Catherine Pouleur – UCL Saint-Luc Brussels, BE

Iron deficiency: an important comorbidity in heart failure
Pieter Martens - ZOL Genk, BE

Hyperkalemia management: current treatment approaches
Ileana Piña – Wayne State University & Detroit Medical Center, US

Lunch Session 18: Satellite Symposium organised by BMS/Pfizer

NOACs and frail populations: More is less

Georges Mairesse - Cliniques de Sud Luxembourg, BE
Bernard Cosyns - UZ Brussel, BE

Polymedicated elderly patients
Olivier Hanon - Hôpital BROCA Paris, FR

Other frail patients (e.g. worsening renal function, ...)
Menno Huisman - LUCM Leiden, NL