6th International Conference on Clinical Neonatology (ICCN2016)
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We have some exciting new technological sponsorship proposals that are available for sponsorship, which will offer visibility and keep the audience engaged:

Generated button   This is a video wall made up of several massive screens which will be placed so close to each other in order to broadcast one huge image or several images contemporarily such as:

o   Promotional Sponsor Messages (do you have a promotional video that you would like to show?)

o   Reminders for sponsor symposiums or other information

o   Real time situation of what is going on in each room (the name of the session and who is talking, plus the picture of the speaker and the timing)

o   Interviews of  KOLs, participants and sponsors

o   Twitter, Facebook and Instagram updating

o   Photos and info on the event

 Generated button  – what’s new ?  Innovation aspects compared with the past:

Continuity, it is no longer only a window only to use during the event, but a complete APP which will accompany all the congress players during all the phases of the project: before, during and after the event.

Interactivity, the advanced functions allow multidirectional interaction between the participants, sponsors, speakers, scientific committee and organizers, not only at the event but also after the event has finished as the Chat function will create a community between the congress players!   Other interesting functions: push buttons to communicate messages!, pop ups to inform of what going on! and  ad hoc surveys!

APP sponsorship opportunities:   

o    splash page (more than a landing page because appears more often)

o    upload video, photographs or what ever

Generated button - these e-posters have new features which make them different from the previous ones: they are fully interactive, you can exchange emails with the poster presenters whenever you like from the poster video section or from the congress APP. The posters could also have a voice comment from the presenter. During the inactive moments the screens placed all around the exhibition area will have a “sleeping mode” like the screen server on the PC and the sponsors logo/message will be displayed.


If you would like to have your company video on the ICCN TV or learn more about thesepossibilities, please feel free to contact me: hartley@mcascientificevents.eu