6th International Conference on Clinical Neonatology (ICCN2016)
The Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 as an initiative of a small group of dreamers thrilled with the support and participation of the Hospital Juventus OIRM-Sant'Anna of Torino.

Its objective is to collect funds to finance:
  • The renovation and expansion of the Departmentof Neonatology and Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, which will be divided into three areas: intensive care, sub-intensive care and physiological nest;
  • The continuous updating of all necessary equipment;
  • Ongoing training and harmonization of those who work in the department;
  • Familiarization of care;
  • The scientific study in the field of Neonatology.

The outstanding training of medical and paramedical staff, combined with innovative technology, plays a prominent role in the diagnosis and care.