in the ULTRAVIOLET:

A Cross-Community Symposium

Hosted by Arizona State University


May 3 - 5, 2021 


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Exoplanet transits 



Solar & stellar UV emission

Variability & flares

Star and planet formation

Solar system planets

Future UV instrumentation

Join us for a VIRTUAL conference!

May 3 - 5, 2021

8:00 am-1:30 pm MST/PDT Daily


Ultraviolet (UV) photons are diagnostic of many stellar and planetary processes, including system formation, planet atmospheres, habitability, stellar activity, and star-planet interactions. With very limited access to UV observations of exoplanetary systems,  it is time to bring the exoplanet, stellar, and solar-system communities together to discuss the state of knowledge, identify the missing information, and plan the instrumentation needed for future space-based UV observatories.

REGISTRATION ENDS on April 28th, 5pm MST/PDT, please register before then!

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Dave Brain (CU)

Catherine Espaillat (BU)

Kevin France (UCBoulder)

Cynthia Froning (UT)

Walt Harris (UA)

Amanda Hendrix (PSI)

R. Parke Loyd (ASU)

Meredith MacGregor (UCBoulder)

Victoria Meadows (UW)

Ruth Murray-Clay (UCSC)

Shouleh Nikzad (JPL)

Antonija Oklopčić (Harvard)

James Owen (ICL)


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