IAU 16th General Conference Sponsorship

Relevance and Value of Universities to Future Society






Why Become a Sponsor?

Dublin awaits you! Discover how the 16th IAU General Conference 2022 can help you reach a global audience and promote your work and initiatives. The IAU General Conference is a flagship event that brings together IAU Members from all around the world to provide perspectives on the future of higher education. Sponsor the 16th IAU General Conference and build the visibility of your organisation and brand at this important global meeting of university leaders. 

We are here to work with you to position your organisation alongside keynote sessions, networking events, and business development opportunities. Our flexible sponsorship package easily adapts to your needs!






To get in touch and receive the sponsorship brochure for the IAU 16th General Conference in Dublin, please contact Andreas Corcoran by filling out the form above. 

Business Opportunities

Expand your network and develop new opportunities through targeted and informal meetings with participants. 

Brand Awareness

Promote your organisation directly to the audience on a variety of channels.

Productive Encounters

Interact with our participants during one of our social or cultural activities to explain your organisation and services.


What previous participants say:


"The topics and speakers of IAU are outstanding and innovative."

"We thank IAU for choosing ‘Higher Education Partnerships for Societal Impact’ as the theme for this year’s conference. This choice reflects the foresight and forward-looking vision and reminds us that in the fast-changing world of today, in which we face many challenges, the focus needs to be on building partnerships to enhance our societal, impact, as we cannot do it alone."

"Networking opportunities were excellent, beyond expectations!"

"IAU always manages to engage the audience in a meaningful conversation, which brings out the best in people and contributes to brainstorming and self-reflection about what we do in our daily lives."


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