Ingress at Sea II 

#IngressAtSeaII is sailing for a second straight year and you're invited to join them!

Join your fellow X-Faction Ingressors for fun, surf, and scanners.  Resistance and Enlightened had a great time last year, we want to make this one bigger and better!  Enjoy uniquing in the ports of Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, and St. Maarten.   Continuing from the success of the first Mission Day at Sea will be our sail-away meet and greet, customized badges/lanyards, general gaming room, and a cocktail hour.  Ingress Soup in the hot tub is a tradition and we welcome you to help us reach Onyx this time!    Have an idea on how to make it more fun? Join the community on telegram:   -This group will connect you with your fellow Ingressors for announcements and more!

Some quotes from the first MDAS Participants: 

"So many friends! It was really a great experience with very pleasant xfac. The ingress specific excursion was excellent for helping the group mingle"

"It was a new experience, but more importantly, it was a new experience with a lot of fun people, most of whom I've just met through MDAS."

"An excellent way to play Ingress very far from home with new friends"

"I loved cruising with a group of Ingress geeks!"

"The player-organized portions of the whole event were very well considered, organized, executed and SO MUCH FUN."

November 15 - 22, 2020

Sailing roundtrip from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

The best of both worlds combine for an all-in-one adventure on the newly Amplified Freedom of the Seas. Discover the postcard-perfect Southern Caribbean between unparalleled thrills onboard. Like adrenaline pumping slides and rides right on deck. A new pool scene that gets down after dark. And fresh, authentic flavors that will satisfy any craving.