Update as of June 1, 2020: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and in the interest of public safety, the GCMAS Board has decided to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting. However, we have published the abstracts and the scientific program is available for download here . We are working on getting a DOI for the abstract book so that you may cite it in subsequent work. - Tim Niiler, Conference Chair.

June 1-5, 2020





WCU provides housing to conference attendees by request. Brandywine Hall and other modern dorms are right across the street from the SSU building making it a convenient location for those who wish to roll out of bed and get to the conference quickly. Each room has its own full bathroom and closet space (see below). There is a one time linen fee of $15, and should the need arise, there are washing machines and driers on premises at the dormitory. Free WiFi is included.

Dormitory Lodging Cost

  Single Occupancy Linen Fee Sales Tax Transaction Fee Total Cost
1 night $40 $15 $3.30 $10 $68.30
2 nights $80 $15 $5.70 $10 $110.70
3 nights $120 $15 $8.10 $10 $153.10
4 nights $160 $15 $10.50 $10 $195.50
  Double Occupancy Linen Fee Sales Tax Transaction Fee Total Cost
1 night 2 x $30 = $60 2 x $15 = $30 $5.40 $10 $105.40
2 nights 2 x $60 = $120 2 x $15 = $30 $9.00 $10 $169.00
3 nights 2 x $90 = $180 2 x $15 = $30 $12.60 $10 $232.60
4 nights 2 x $120 = $240 2 x $15 = $30 $16.20 $10 $296.20

Off Campus

Hotel Warner

Hotel Warner is the only dedicated hotel within walking distance (10-15 minutes) of the conference site at the SSU. Cost is currently $199 per night plus $20 per night for parking, if needed. There is a complimentary breakfast buffet, WiFi, a fitness center, and a heated pool. The hotel has reserved 60 rooms for GCMAS attendees. In addition, guests have free access to the full fitness center of the local YMCA situated about 200 m distant across the street. To make resrevations, please call

To make reservations at the GCMAS rate, please either call the hotel directly at +01-610-692-6920, or email at reservations@hotelwarner.com. You can get an overview of the hotel by visiting their Website.

Quality Inn and Suites

The Quality Inn is $70 per night and has the usual amenities, a restaurant and bar, a fitness center and an outdoor pool. There is free parking, WiFi, and breakfast. The hotel has 60 rooms reserved for GCMAS attendees. The hotel is in (long) walking distance to the conference (1.4 mi), but as there are no sidewalks on the way, walking is not recommended.
Make Reservation.