Sept. 16 & 17


Delta Hotels
Toronto Mississauga

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2024 GTEN Technical Course 

September 16 & 17, 2024

Delta Hotels Toronto Mississauga
Mississauga, ON, Canada




Gas turbine systems play a critical role in facilitating the energy transition towards de-carbonization of energy resources. Dispatchable, on-demand power remains necessary to provide resilience through the increasing share of non-dispatchable renewables and extreme weather events. Building on established technology and a large installed base, advancements in fuel flexibility and emissions reduction technology are ensuring that gas turbines will remain an important part of the energy mix for years to come. The course will explore topics such as:

  • Gas Turbine and Cogeneration Basics
  • Gas Turbine Systems for Cleaner Energy
  • Progressing the Energy Transition and Grid Resiliency with Low-Cost Peaking Power
  • Carbon Capture and Storage in Gas Turbine Applications
  • Gas Turbine Generator Synchronous Condensing Applications
  • Operation and Maintenance Best Practices
  • Halton Hills Combined Cycle Generating Station Case Study
  • Compressor Station Operation and Methane Regulations
  • Emissions Reduction & Monitoring

The training course will conclude with two optional tours which may be selected during registration. 

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Earn PEAK Hours

The 2024 GTEN Technical Course offers the following hours towards Professional Engineering continuous education (PEAK) credits.



8 Hours

Enbridge Parkway Compressor Station Tour

2 Hours

Halton Hills Generating Station Tour

1 Hour